Sunday, April 6, 2008

A terrible. horrible no good, very bad day

Friday was the first full day having Kalani and Natalie back. YEA! They had a fabulous time with their cousins and Grandparents. But WE missed them! The plan for the day was playgroup and park day. Our complicating factor was the van. Apparently a belt had unbelted itself because some spinnning thing had broken and wasn't spinning. Chris replaced the belt and the broken spinning thing on Saturday and the van is happy now, but Friday was before that. If you want to know details you can ask Chris, if you want me to sound intelligent, DO NOT talk to me about cars-try shakespeare or something.

The playgroup and park are both within a half mile. No problem! We can walk that! We go to play group, have a marvelous time, clean up, and head to the park for picnic and more friends. We get to the park, eat and start playing. The older children are playing flag tag and having a great time. The younger children are racing around the playground and Abi and I are sitting around talking...Abi is technically just being held.

Then Susan lingers too long at the bottom of a tube slide and a bigger child comes roaring down. I am a second too late and am left with a little darling with a bloody lip and nose. She is really upset and resorts to sneezing and spitting everywhere. A friend holds Abi while we try to calm susan. She doesn't want to be cleaned, and would rather go back to playing, but I decide to take her home. I load up the stroller, Abi decides NOW is the time to nurse, a friend offers to watch the older four because they are VERY happily playing.

On the walk home, ben is thirsty. The only complicating factor there is that the only thing that calmed susan down was putting carrot sticks in the water bottle. Now Ben is slightly grumpy and decides the best way to handle that is to make a trail of water from the park to our home. We race snails home, but are at least making progress.

We get home. Susan let's me clean her up a little and starts sucking on frozen peas. I turn on a movie and nurse the baby. Abi falls asleep. Susan's lip is looking better...of course Ben and Becca also needed frozen peas.

Just when things are calming down, April comes with my other four children. Raymond has stepped on a bee. Never mind that it snowed last sunday, there is somehow a bee at the park and it HAD to be under a child's foot! Raymond handles it well - baking soda, cold cloth, then a gauze pad and athletic tape later and he is fine.

Susan's lip is looking MUCH better thanks to the magic of frozen peas. Next comes dinner. Even though I have fed ALL of these children a couple times and included snacking they still seem to want to eat dinner...we go for something quick and easy.

Bedtime with the girls back is a slight adjustment..finally things are settling down until Ben comes up sleepily walking and crying...he fell off his bed and has a bloody nose. We get him calmed down and are finally in bed after 11!

It's still early but I'm calling this one already...this has got to be the WDOM (worst day of the month)


Tamster said...

I sure hope that's the WDOM! Or even WDOY! Sounds a bit hectic and crazy...and painful for some! I hope everyone is better now! :-)

sharebear said...

You're lucky if you only get one worst day of the month. You're doing great with 8. That's twice as many as me. You are my inspiration.