Monday, May 12, 2008

the impossible

For a while I thought Becca was crossing her eyes, or perhaps had lazy eye, so we took her in to get her vision checked. I was starting to wonder if I was crazy but, she is farsighted. She was straining to see so much she would cross her eyes hoping that would help. Her left eye also has a stigmatism, which basically means it is more football shaped than basketball shaped. So she gets glasses. We are hoping the glasses do the trick, and that she somehow keeps them on, because otherwise it is surgery and then still glasses! She was a pro through her first appointment, even the dilating the pupil part. Susan was wondering why Becca was getting all of this attention.

Finally last Friday her glasses were in. Now glasses take some getting used to. In the first twenty four hours we put them on her about one hundred times. We hoped she was finally getting used to them when...she broke them.

Any little "please keep your glasses on and intact" vibes would be readily accepted.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Abi's got skills

Our baby has some serious skills. This is her new thing for the week... First she does this

then she kicks the legs over and twists...

then over she goes..

next she stabilizes and get's up on all fours, or her hands and toes...

and pushes herself backwards!

We are understandably thrilled and sad! How can our baby be growing up so fast?

Check out my Slide Show!

Kalani's brithday party was a blast. We did a scavenger hunt, going to different houses and getting clues (After performing a task), to lead them to the next house. We made our own pizza's then had cake, ice cream and presents, then headed back outside for flashlight tag.