Thursday, December 31, 2015


2-13 abigail is asking questions about the baby and asks.."is she bored in there? I mean, what if she wants to sew? could you eat a needle and thread and fabric?". "What?" I ask... "How would that work to swallow a needle?" "Good point" she says. She then asks tons of questions, but none related to the actual birds and the bees...just crazy random questions, like "how does it work that she breathes water, then she just breathes she a mermaid? has any baby ever kept breathing water?"

2/17 Ben is reenacting the garden of eden. He wiggles like a snake and tells Hannah he wants her to eat of the fruit...Hannah skips away, and comes back with an apple! Jesus comes to see Hannah and takes out his spy glass to see if hannah is wearing clothes. next he casts them out of the garden...think fishing casting. huh. a fisher of men indeed.

2/21 When the baby is born we can yell and say 'she wasn't born in December!!"

2/21 Ben: "You went horse back riding?" "no. I was working." says kalani. Ben says "You worked? On a saturday, but that means, you must have allergies!"??

2/21 Hannah randomly walks up and asks "Was I adopted or what?" "No" I say "you weren't adopted." "Oh" she says, "so I was in here, or here, or here.." .as she points to different curvy body parts, that are NOT my growing baby belly.

4/19 Hannah comes waltzing in asking what is for dinner. I say "roasted vegetables". She says "apple pajamas??!??!! BLECH!" um what? how did she hear that? so I take it out of the oven, explain that while one pan is potatoes, the other has squash and carrots and zuchini..."WHAT?" says Abi! "Roasted bikini?" um. is it time to do a hearing check and whisper chocolate?

5/22 Our darling Lisa joins our family!

5/24 I'm baking my placenta on the way to encapsulating it. susan (9) says " so that's what fried you smells like"

6/6 So here we are debating whether Lisa's nickname should stay "cute baby" or whether we will ever get Rachel to say Lisa...and Abigail says, "I like the name Lisa Gloria, it's much better than Lisa Pigstomper". yes. this is true. Though I can't say we ever considered Lisa Pigstomper.

7/8 Kalani entered the MTC to prepare for 18 months of service in San Jose, CA

8/29 "I wish we lived in Africa" Hannah says with a sad face. "Why?" I ask "Because I miss my old friends" "You mean your old friends that live 45 minutes away instead of on the other side of the globe?"

9/2 You know how they name colors? how there are different kinds of white:ecru, opal, diamond... Hannah will most likely NOT have that job. Yesterday in the park I was pushing Hannah in the swing and we were playing "I spy" She has the cutest little voice and I love to hear her say "I spy with my little eye..." One time she was trying to be more specific on the color and she said "I spy with my little eye something chicken white. " um.

9/11 Life with a 2yo...I ate my dinner one handed. I wasn't holding Lisa-she was happily playing on her blanket. Rachel's dolly was screaming apparently and I needed to hold her. Rachel is now pretending to be my puppy and we are playing fetch.

10/5 So I was walking out of Walmart with Natalie. I was pushing the cart and she was holding Lisa. There was this guy at the front of the store trying to sell pictures and he said to natalie "I know you want pictures of that beautiful baby", then to me "how about you grandma! You..." we didn't hear anything else. we were laughing too hard!I'm not sure if I want to know which is more likely...if natalie were a mom or me a grandma! (age wise, not age of children wise ;) )

10/30 dinner conversation...Chris' is grilling inside because RAIN. He's asking who wants a cheeseburger and who wants a hamburger. Abi says...cheese burger, I don't want ham. um. the cheese is ON the ham burger. I don't want ham. the hamburger is made of beef. then why do they call it hamburger? I don't know. Because I don't want the ham. um. it's cow. trust us. cow. we spent the rest of the meal repeating the affirmation that it's cow every. single. time. someone said hamburger.

11/2 "Please bless that those who don't like the food will still love mom for making it" um. thanks Becca.

11/4 We have some coughs and sore throats, which has meant crazy, squeaky speaking voices. Ben comes up behind me and squeaks and says "I can use my high voice for evil."

11/10 Ben is reading a Louis L'Amour book called "The quick and the dead" we came across the scripture that says "quick and the dead" so I asked Ben what he thought it meant. He said, "The people who aren't quick to draw their guns are gonna be dead"

12/27 Hannah while rolling the dice for me in Parchessi and doing VERY well, she said "I'm Good at being LUCKY!"

12/28 We are continuing our star wars marathon and after watching the prequel-episode 2 Ben says "I like Darth Vadar better than Anikan."