Thursday, December 31, 2009

funnies 2009

1-16 Chris engages Raymond in battleship and Raymond says "Let's see how skilled you are at guessing."

1-18 In our house bananas are pronounce "bee-nana" and pajamas are "pea jamas" except for Becca's nightgown with a certain silly old bear, which is now "pooh jamas"

1-23 We go on an adventure to Amarillo and have a great time. On the ride back Ben and Lydia discuss if it takes longer to drive to Amarillo or to Utah. Lydia decides it's not longer to Utah and says "Not if we take the short cut!" They talk back and forth and apparently they think we drove an extra 14 hours just for the scenery to get here...The older children were breaking their eyes with all the eye rolling.

2-14 Raymond declares that kissing is long as he doesn't have to do the kissing and isn't being kissed.

2-19 For whatever reason I say "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?" then I turn to Ben and ask him who we appreciate to which he immediately replies, "Fat chickens!"

3-1 Becca and I were about to read a book we have about a Penguin's little brother hatching. There is a great CRACK sound and apparently it made an impression on Becca. She calls the baby the "crack baby", and the book is the crack baby book.

5-16 Listening to Becca, Ben and Susan imaginitive play "she has dangerous slippers" (Becca) "Beware oh squashed one" (Ben) "You came to the diamond castle with your teddy bear" (Ben) " You saw a kitty" (Susan-followed by meow, meow...)

6-3 Becca and Susan are eating corn on the cob. They must be in a hurry because they are trying to swallow without chewing. I remind them to chew at which point Becca says "Achoo, achoo"

6-6 Ben learns to ride a bike without training wheels in record time. Literally less than 5 minutes to full fledged pedaling and stopping with the pedals. With a drunk happy smile on his face he says "I'm so glad I'm a learner!"

6-7 Chris after spilling his dinner all over says "I've been fasting so long, I've forgotten how to eat!"

7-5 Ben's sunday school teacher asked him if he forgives his brother Raymond. Ben responded "I do but it's getting harder all the time!"

7-6-09 Raymond comes up to talk with me and reads over my shoulder about Michael Jackson. "Who's that?" he asks. "I told you about him, remember the.." I begin. He interupts with "Is that the guy with all the faces?", yeah.

7-8-09 Raymond and I were talking about funny tasting stuff and he confesses "I used to eat sand when I was younger, and it tastes a lot better than it looks!"

7-15-09 Natalie and I were discussing Chris' crazy schedule for the next few days and I said something about him being in a pickle..natalie summed up the conversation with "We don't want Dad stuck in pickles of time"

7-16-09 I was cleaning up the kitchen and when I finished Ben walks in and says "Wow mom! That kitchen is cleaner than.... a dog's paw!" Thanks son.

7-20-09 On our tour of Texas we saw cartoons previously unseen...and at night when there wasn't much on for children Becca would say, "I want the split pants guy!" She had discovered spongebob.

8-1-09 Friends were sealed in the Lubbock temple. Susan said "You oughtta get married mama!" Good plan Susan; we'll consider that.

8-1-09 On the 3 hour drive home from Lubbock that took 5 hours Lydia said "Are we going to get home today?!"

8-26-09 As we were all sewing eye patches (What? You don't hang out with your children sewing eye patches?) Raymond says, "The best thing about stabbing yourself..." at which point Liz (my VT) and I cracked up. He finally continued "the best thing about stabbing yourself with a needle, is that they are small and don't make a very big hole."

10-06-09 We are at friends visiting their goats because it's "g" week. Ben comes in from the humid heat and says "I'm hotter than a red cow!"

10-09-09 Ben runs into the pipe swing and earns himself 5 stitches. As he's talking with the doctor and they're discussing how he can keep from injuring himself, he says, "I just have to remember to duck."

10/16/09 As we're sitting in church, Susie says, "Raymond's always going to be a boy, isn't he Momma?" "Yes," I say, "and what are you?" "CUTE!" She beams.

10/18/09 Raymond, while taking about his newest lego inventions, "I have ideas and I know they are good!"

10-21-09 Susan was having a bad morning..the bowl wasn't the right color, her spoon wasn't quite right. Ben tried to encourage her using his still developing complimenting skills. "Try some honey, Susie, it's so so sweet like you." Susan cheers up and sits calmly down. Then Ben says, "You're not as cute as Abi though; she's cuter than a monkey's face."

11-15-09 We watched "The Incredibles" today. Afterwards Raymond comes up and says "Mom, I know why Syndrome couldn't use the abbreviation BS for Baby Sitter on his shirt." "Oh?" I say. "Boy Scouts-they're already using it." He replies in all seriousness.

12-6-09 During primary each of the characters in the nativity story are being discussed. Joseph is mentioned. "Who is Joseph?" the primary president asks...Ben responds (without raising his hand or waiting) "That guy who believed Mary!"

12-21-09 Raymond and I are talking about the ladies who want to rent our house. " Are these the people with the chimichanga?" "HUH?" me. "The chimichanga, you know the 6 pound chimichanga!" "Do you mean the 6 pound chihuahua?" "Yes""...No this isn't them."

12-28-09 Abigail has been chasing after Becca and Susie for a while, trying to get in on their games. Today it was as if a lightbulb turned on...she knelt down and started to meow...she was pretending to be a kitten. What four year old girl could resist that? I felt like I was watching the birth of her imagination.

12-31-09 We're taking down Christmas decorations and I ask Raymond to take off the hope ornament-the last ornament on the tree. It's a hand painted ornament with a lovely dove and fancy writing. He hands it to Ben. Ben sits there holding the ornament...then says "I thought it said poop."