Sunday, April 20, 2008


While studying about knights we decided to make shields. A friend cut them out, we painted them and then we had to figure out how to hold them. That took a while. We ended up with the waist band of old jeans and some screws. We haven't done swords yet so they quickly improvised with race car track. This is the most common use for race car track in our home...

Notice there are no still shots, apparently shields and swords and children don't combine for stillness.

breads...Merry Christmas

WHAT? It's only April? So is this early or late? To truly appreciate this you need to hear the background. We just finish surviving church. Our family was helping to clean up the building and take the trash out and stuff. By the time that is over my children are all starving! Chris says, "get every one to the van. I just need to talk to the Bishop (leader of our congregation) for a minute. Okay...30 minutes later, I have sung "Bear Went Over the Mountain"; there are only 78 bottles of root beer left on the wall and I have started making up "Trixie the Pixie"stories to tell the children. Luckily Susan and Rebecca have fallen asleep and I am nursing Abi...Chris finally comes out. If I had known it would be that long we could have just stayed in the church, but since we had already rounded everyone up...

Church has now been over for 1.5 hours and the children (and parents) are really starving. As we drive home, dh says, "I forgot to tell you I need to go visit the Lawrences right now." Okay so he goes and I try to make dinner. Becca and Susan were grumpy from waking up. The baby wanted to be held..okay I bribe many a munchkin to help the other munchkins and get soup started. I make the bread stick dough and switch places with the Abi holder so she can make the bread sticks while I calm the masses.

Had I wanted breaksticks in a hurry I should have asked a less artistic child. We had braids and swirls, of course the first letter of everyone's name and this...

So do you just eat baby Jesus? Now granted this is different than the time Raymond made a bunch a breadsticks of Jesus on the cross, I had a tough time eating those.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A terrible. horrible no good, very bad day

Friday was the first full day having Kalani and Natalie back. YEA! They had a fabulous time with their cousins and Grandparents. But WE missed them! The plan for the day was playgroup and park day. Our complicating factor was the van. Apparently a belt had unbelted itself because some spinnning thing had broken and wasn't spinning. Chris replaced the belt and the broken spinning thing on Saturday and the van is happy now, but Friday was before that. If you want to know details you can ask Chris, if you want me to sound intelligent, DO NOT talk to me about cars-try shakespeare or something.

The playgroup and park are both within a half mile. No problem! We can walk that! We go to play group, have a marvelous time, clean up, and head to the park for picnic and more friends. We get to the park, eat and start playing. The older children are playing flag tag and having a great time. The younger children are racing around the playground and Abi and I are sitting around talking...Abi is technically just being held.

Then Susan lingers too long at the bottom of a tube slide and a bigger child comes roaring down. I am a second too late and am left with a little darling with a bloody lip and nose. She is really upset and resorts to sneezing and spitting everywhere. A friend holds Abi while we try to calm susan. She doesn't want to be cleaned, and would rather go back to playing, but I decide to take her home. I load up the stroller, Abi decides NOW is the time to nurse, a friend offers to watch the older four because they are VERY happily playing.

On the walk home, ben is thirsty. The only complicating factor there is that the only thing that calmed susan down was putting carrot sticks in the water bottle. Now Ben is slightly grumpy and decides the best way to handle that is to make a trail of water from the park to our home. We race snails home, but are at least making progress.

We get home. Susan let's me clean her up a little and starts sucking on frozen peas. I turn on a movie and nurse the baby. Abi falls asleep. Susan's lip is looking better...of course Ben and Becca also needed frozen peas.

Just when things are calming down, April comes with my other four children. Raymond has stepped on a bee. Never mind that it snowed last sunday, there is somehow a bee at the park and it HAD to be under a child's foot! Raymond handles it well - baking soda, cold cloth, then a gauze pad and athletic tape later and he is fine.

Susan's lip is looking MUCH better thanks to the magic of frozen peas. Next comes dinner. Even though I have fed ALL of these children a couple times and included snacking they still seem to want to eat dinner...we go for something quick and easy.

Bedtime with the girls back is a slight adjustment..finally things are settling down until Ben comes up sleepily walking and crying...he fell off his bed and has a bloody nose. We get him calmed down and are finally in bed after 11!

It's still early but I'm calling this one already...this has got to be the WDOM (worst day of the month)

Abi's first bath

Abi is three months old and is just now having her first bath...why is that do you ask? Well mostly because my preferred way of cleaning a baby includes handing a messy baby in to Dad in the shower, and for whatever reason I don't take pictures of that process.

Here is Abi's first bath. Ben was a great help. Susan was thrilled with the whole process. Abi was a little nervous, but never really cried. A clean baby without tears is absolute success. We'll hope for smiles next bath.

Easter Sunday

This is the Kelly's Easter Sunday.
We had a homeschool children's version of a Seder dinner. We started Christian fashioin carrying palm leaves from Israel. We marched, said hosanna, and tried to keep the children from whipping each other. Here is Raymond. He waited until everyone had a few palm leaves and had started walking...the handing out guy gave him the rest.

Here is Ben avoiding the sun.

Here is Kalani helping the prepare the entry of the hall for Christ.

Becca and Susan are hesitant even though it's grape juice they're being offered. Could that be because we just let them try bitter herbs?
This was an introduction to the passover for children. So when we discussed the plagues in Egypt, we handed out plastic frogs and the children hopped them everywhere. When we talked about the Israelites making bricks we built with packing peanuts and toothpicks. We skipped the extended sitting still part in favor of trying the different foods, talking about the symbolism and lots of activities. It was wonderful at the end to see Elijah's place setting with a picture of the Kirtland temple and remembering that elijah came to the temple on April 6th-passover.