Sunday, April 20, 2008


While studying about knights we decided to make shields. A friend cut them out, we painted them and then we had to figure out how to hold them. That took a while. We ended up with the waist band of old jeans and some screws. We haven't done swords yet so they quickly improvised with race car track. This is the most common use for race car track in our home...

Notice there are no still shots, apparently shields and swords and children don't combine for stillness.


Tamster said...

Cute! The little girl in the middle of the last pic looks so excited about it. How fun! :-)

sharebear said...

You got spammed. If you want to not get spammed, just go to settings, comments and click yes on your word verification. I got one, too. :(
That looks like a lot of fun. If I ever decide to do homeschool, I will be coming to you for fun ideas.