Wednesday, December 31, 2014


1-1 I'm not sure why this was news to Ben...but he read Winnie THE Pooh today and said "Winnie THE Pooh...gross! He is related to pooh!"

2-4 At a restaurant with my brother David when he was in town... Ben, after the reading the children's menu carefully, asked for one of everything by listing off EVERYTHING on the children's menu. My hollow legged, growing boy!

We went to the bathroom and there was a bench to sit on. Hannah lay down and said “I’m laxing”. “Oh you’re relaxing?” I say, hoping to model English. “No,“ she said “I’m laxing”. Soon she got up and danced around for a bit while we were waiting for Abigail. She then went to lay back down again and said “NOW I’m RE-laxing!” Raymond noted that he’s taller than me and David said “That’s not saying much” It's true. I am the shortest ..the midget of the family and David was just providing a friendly reminder.

3-16 So I'm juicing and making some green juice for the morning and Ben, always the loving, if inept complimenter says "Mom you are REALLY good at making gross stuff!" Thanks son. I made Cashew milk and Hannah said "Ketchup milk? EWWWW" eww indeed hannah.

5-11 Mother's day! I spent it with my mom for the first time in I can't remember how long. wonderful! As Hannah and I were walking in to church she wanted to stop and smell the roses. She took a big sniff, then said "they aren't stinky! I think someone already changed their diapers!"

5-20 Hannah walked up to me and said "I know what time it is! It's time for ME!"

6-1 Susan is chanting randomly "Kiss your brother, kiss your brother" (ala starwars) and Ben (10) walks in horrified "Don't kiss your brother! It's poisonous!"

6-1 We somehow get on the discussion of how painful is it to give birth which leads to a discussion on naked bodies. How does this happen? I don't know but an 8yo said "I think naked bodies are'd take a really good joke to be funnier than a naked body" "What?!" I say. "Bodies are beautiful! Our bodies do amazing things! what do you find funny about a body?" "furry bums" she says.

crickets. um. I have nothing to say to that. carry on. just sharing the joy ;)

6-6 Raymond made home made bread. Rebecca had cut a slice for herself that was a little too thin. When she tried to get it out of the toaster it started breaking. I get it out in pieces. I was hoping she'd be okay with that. I walk by the table a little later and she had broken all of the bread in little pieces after she had honeybuttered it. I was wondering if she would ever eat the mess she had made, "Rebecca!" I say, "What are you doing?" "Mom! It's like the sacrament....but with honey butter!"

6-14 "Hannah" I say "It's your birthday tomorrow, what do you want to eat?" "Chocolate". okay. "is that the kind of cake you want?" "yes" "What kind of ice cream?" "Chocolate". "What would you like for breakfast?" "hot chocolate". ahhh. "How about dinner?" "that would chocolate". I'm sensing a theme.

6-15 I lean over to tell Hannah that she is now 4! She asks "Am I big?" I ask clarify "What does it mean to be big?" "I just wanna know how to do everything!" !!! "Sweetie…I'm not even that big yet!"

7-14 "Hey we have an ancestor named Severus Sarus" says Natalie. Chris replies "Must be on your mom's side!" The bad news? He was right!

7-14 Hannah comes up to me with two braids and says "Momma, I got rid of my 'H's and now my name is Anna!"

7-14 Natalie and Rebecca are discussing what Natalie's shirt says ( says BYU). Rebecca "why does your shirt say buy?" Natalie "It doesn't say buy..its says be you...or really bayou". clearly raising a texan.

8-9 We are gathering for family prayer. Susan gives me a big hug and says "Mom, you are so.." then she busts out laughing. "What?" I ask. She responds "I almost said you are cute! I mean you are kind and awesome but the only people cute in this house are Rachel...and possibly me!"

9-8 Hannah runs into my room excitedly..."MOM I have a spot!" She shows me a tiny sun spot on her shoulder. "I'm getting spotted and pretty like you!" um thanks?

9-13 So we're watching Harry Potter 5 and upon seeing the red phone booth used as the guest entrance into the ministry, Lydia says "WHY is the tardis red?"

10-20 We are getting ready for park day. Hannah sees Ben, dressed and ready and asks..."Where is Ben going? Is he going to Bug scouts?"

10-20 Abi watches her sister Natalie modeling with clay. She comments to Becca "she never gets anything messy but herself".

12-25 Ben is up early looking at all of the books by each stocking. He's planning what he wants to negotiate to read. He comes over to Rachel's stocking. It's a book about colors. He glances at the back like he had at the other books, then looks up at me then says in his best dramatic voice, "blue, green, red...How will it end??"