Sunday, April 6, 2008

Abi's first bath

Abi is three months old and is just now having her first bath...why is that do you ask? Well mostly because my preferred way of cleaning a baby includes handing a messy baby in to Dad in the shower, and for whatever reason I don't take pictures of that process.

Here is Abi's first bath. Ben was a great help. Susan was thrilled with the whole process. Abi was a little nervous, but never really cried. A clean baby without tears is absolute success. We'll hope for smiles next bath.

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Tamster said...

Britt! You should have warned us about the x-rated nudie pictures! ;-)
Cute! That's fortunate she didn't cry. Matthew has not been particularly fond of showers or baths--unless it's leaning over reaching into the tub when his brother is bathing. When you don't want them there, that is of course when they want to be there. He was clothed then, so maybe that's part of the difference--no clothes in tub is colder?! Well, anyway, I can't believe how big Abi is getting! She's a cutie! :-)