Sunday, April 20, 2008

breads...Merry Christmas

WHAT? It's only April? So is this early or late? To truly appreciate this you need to hear the background. We just finish surviving church. Our family was helping to clean up the building and take the trash out and stuff. By the time that is over my children are all starving! Chris says, "get every one to the van. I just need to talk to the Bishop (leader of our congregation) for a minute. Okay...30 minutes later, I have sung "Bear Went Over the Mountain"; there are only 78 bottles of root beer left on the wall and I have started making up "Trixie the Pixie"stories to tell the children. Luckily Susan and Rebecca have fallen asleep and I am nursing Abi...Chris finally comes out. If I had known it would be that long we could have just stayed in the church, but since we had already rounded everyone up...

Church has now been over for 1.5 hours and the children (and parents) are really starving. As we drive home, dh says, "I forgot to tell you I need to go visit the Lawrences right now." Okay so he goes and I try to make dinner. Becca and Susan were grumpy from waking up. The baby wanted to be held..okay I bribe many a munchkin to help the other munchkins and get soup started. I make the bread stick dough and switch places with the Abi holder so she can make the bread sticks while I calm the masses.

Had I wanted breaksticks in a hurry I should have asked a less artistic child. We had braids and swirls, of course the first letter of everyone's name and this...

So do you just eat baby Jesus? Now granted this is different than the time Raymond made a bunch a breadsticks of Jesus on the cross, I had a tough time eating those.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Tamster said...

Mele Kalikimaka! Joyeaux Noelle! Feliz Navidad. Froliche Weinachten. .... etc. (spelling ? on some of those)

That's pretty funny. It sounds like by the time you ate you probably all didn't care what the food looked like, just so long as it was edible... or did you? You did take time to take a picture! ;-) You must not have been that hungry! :-)