Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Merry Christmas Eve

The first word most commonly used in reaction to our Christmas Eve experience is:

It's an understatement. Britt woke us up sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m. and said "we're having a baby on Christmas Eve - my water just broke." Well, since we thought we had two more weeks and certainly nothing was going to happen before Christmas, we were unprepared - except for past experience. We had not packed a bag for the quick getaway, nor had we arranged anything for the kids. Hmmm, do we call Grace at 2:00 a.m. and ask her to forego whatever her Christmas Eve plans were to watch the Kelly kids? Then we'd have to get the kids up and in the van and drop them off. There must be a better way.

It soon became apparent that there had to be a better way because we needed to get to the hospital right away. We awoke Kalani to the news and arranged to have her sleep with Becca in our bed. We put Susan in her crib to go back to sleep and Britt got in the car bare foot and pregnant, but not for long. We got as far as the next door neighbors and realized the cell phone could die anytime so took a couple of more minutes to turn around and get the charger.

We zoomed past our UHP neighbor and then up Main St. in Spanish with hopes the police had something better to do on Christmas Eve than to ecsort us to American Fork, but we weren't going that fast yet. We accidently called Grandma Kelly - who answered the phone like she was up anyway - and told her not to worry. Too late. Then we called Brother David in Lindon and left a message because he was not in Lindon, but he was in Idaho. It's a good thing Kalani has been practicing some short babysitting stints recently.

Eighty miles per hour up to the s-surve in Provo soon gave way to acceleration with every contraction. It was ninety-seven as we approached the PG-AF exit. Flashers were on so any officer would know I wasn't stopping unless he or she wanted to deliver the baby. We looked for the sign at AF Hospital that said "Labor and Deliver." There wasn't one. We've been delivering at Orem Community for the last six years, so we went to same-day surgery. Uh, that's not it anymore. Over at the Main Hospital entrance there was a sign that said the magic words on it.

We walked in and I told the security guard "we're having a baby right now!" "Do you want a wheelchair?" he asked. Britt didn't. She was thinking of just laying on the little two-seater couch. Rarely has she told her husband, "don't touch me," but this was one of those times. She placed herself in the wheelchair and we made a charge for the elevator, dragging bags along. Third floor?!!! the security man had told us. Door closes and he hears yells of HELP, HELP!

It was a crowning moment, if you know what I mean. Hospital elevators are slow, but Abigail wasn't. Bags no longer in tow, head now peeking out, thoughts of futility like "wait, wait wait" came to mind, but before proper catching position could be made, Abi took a flying leap on to the sterile elevator floor. Okay, not sterile, but it seemed pretty clean, for an elevator. Dad picked up the ball of cheese and slapped her on the backside as the elevator doors opened. Handing the baby off to Mommy the three nurses now rushing to the double security doors heard cries of "We just had a baby in this elevator!"

Yes, this one, at about 2:30 a.m. Through the double doors and in the hallway Dad's asked if he wants to cut the chord. Are you kidding me?! Just get 'er done! Mother, with clear head wants a picture already in the hallway, so you get what you ask for. Now separated they are headed to Room #1, which considering the 9 other babies seen in the nursery later it was a surprise to have #1 available. In the meantime Dad retrieves the bags and is locked out of the double doors, temporarily.

Now to the labor and delivery room...or was that the car and the elevator? Well, the mid-wife came and delivered the placenta in the placenta delivering room while Daddy escorted the now cutest baby in the world down to the nursery to be de-cheesified. Nurse Sheree kindly cleaned Abi up and put the all-important bow on her curly-haired head while Dad picked out an AF Hospital Christmas stocking.

Back at the placenta farm, Mommy is stitched back up - some way of saying "wait, wait, wait" without actually saying that may have helped in that area - and she's reunited with Lil' Abi, all 8 lbs. 3 oz. of her. A bit surreal how quickly this all happened. Now we're ready to tell the world, but it's 3:00 a.m. We moved down to the corner-office recovery room on the 2nd floor down the hall from the nursery. Sheree escorted Daddy and Abi back there to get feet prints and the baby pictures someone will try to sell us. Other tests and measurements are interupted by the first diaper change, properly performed in the middle of the action by Sheree.

Nursing doesn't seem to be any problem for Abi and has the proper yet painful effects on Mommy. At about 5:30 we realized Kalani might need some help, so Daddy went back to rescue her. Becca was awake with Kalani and Raymond was already playing a computer game by the 6:00 arrival time. Britt called home several times and the kids kept wondering when they could see Abigail. We arranged to for Chris to take Kalani to the hospital to surprise Britt at about 4:25 p.m. Chris went back home in time to save the impromptu baysitters - arranged by Kalani - but found out the Kester's were saving us by delivering dinner as they picked up their two daughers. Thanks for the cheesy, hammy potatoes.

We were able to pick Britt and Abi and the big sister up during the 8:00 hour while next-door-neighbor Amanda watched the kids. Our Christmas Eve baby came home to eighteen loving arms. We feel tremendously blessed and needed no other gift this Christmas - but thanks for other gifts too. We spent Christmas morning at home, just the ten of us. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa Kelly's for Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kelly's speak out 2007 warning sensitive material...

Kelly's speak out in is a window into our daily life in the form of unique people speak. Some sensitive matters are addressed in children fashion...

4-01 From Benjamin 3 while potty training...he starts singing "Come out come out wherever you are poopies..."

4-03 Last night Raymond 7, came out of the bathroom and said "Mom someday people are going to think I'm a fish, but I still won't have any gills."

4-04 This morning Benjamin 3 sat on my lap and wrapped his arms around me and said,"Mom, you are my smooching thing!" and then kissed my nose.

5-01 We hoped we might get pregnant in April, and after experiencing and not appretiating a few negative pregnancy tests, I had promised myself to wait until May 2nd...except I couldn't wait and we found out we were pregnant today!!

5-03 Chris and I went out tonight. We went to dinner, to the Temple, then finished birthday shopping. At the checkout I am thinking about my family and how great my husband is and just feeling grateful and wonderfully happy. I look over at Chris in his suit and tie, cleancut haircut...and he turns to me and says..

"If I were a rapper..." I never did hear the rest because I bust out laughing.

6-09 This was part of my darling 7yo boys prayer before dinner...

"please bless that Ben (the 3yo) will stop saying he doesn't like things that he really does...

please bless that we will somehow be able to eat this without any problems..."(it was baked potatoes!)

6-11 We have goats milk at our house because Becca tolerates it better. This has led to all sorts of conversations about cow's milk, why my children say we don't drink horse milk-doesn't that sound grosser than cows milk this morning Ben comes up and says "mom, I want people milk"

6-13 After my first OB appointment, I was measuring long (for the 7th time!) and they said it may be twins maybe we should schedule an ultrasound in July or so...I said how about tomorrow? We found out that we are having ONE darling little baby. We told our children today and there was MUCH discussion among Kalani and Natalie as how they were going to share ONE baby!

6-25 Some of you may know that we call our little girl (Susan) "Zanna"
Today we were HOT and eating frozen bananas for a treat.
I called them frozanas.
My Benjamin (3) came up to me later and said "Momma, can I have a cold Susan?"

6-25 At dinner my Raymond (7) serves himself up a big dish of peas and corn..."Look Mom! PORN!"

7-21 My darling Benjamin (I can say that now that he is asleep) has been praying for the last week that he will be a dad when he grows up . Tonight he started normally "bless me to be a daa...bless me to be batman when I grow up".

With everything else going on, I figure our Father in Heaven probably needs children's prayers like this for the sheer stress relief of them!

7-31 Ben-3-His first reaction to the water? He loved the warm water, splashed and played, then suddenly started screaming and crying. Two skim boarders right next to him were baffled. I asked him what was wrong and he said "The water MOVES!!"

8-22 Our wonderful Ultrasound of sweet little baby. As we discover she is a girl, the first name that comes to mind is Abigail...a name we have never discussed, but both love! She is wonderful, 14 oz and has all the right parts in the right places.

9-23 In the midst of a great BYU volleyball reunion under cougar stadium there was a fire drill...we all left the building, it stopped and we went back started again. This was all during the speech of the present head coach, who proceeded to shout his remarks over each onslaught of alarm. When it was time for a few words from the previous head coach the fire alarm shenanigans stopped immediately!

10-11 Raymond's critique of dinner..."Mom this chicken was awesome, it had kinda a yummy taste, unusual for chicken" (it was barbequed chicken)

10-12 So I'm feeding the little girls lunch. They do not want left overs of the highly touted bbq chicken...well Susan does. Rebecca however only wants ONE thing. Only one thing in the whole entire house could possibly be her lunch...what is that thing you ask?

Yellow squash...RAW! After offering her everything I could think of, I finally relented and sliced a thin slice of peeled yellow squash...

10-17 So the other day i was trying to reach my shoes which had been pushed under my bed. I ask Benjamin (now 4) to help.
"Why can't you bend do you have an owie on your toe?" he asks.

"No, my big belly makes it difficult to bend over" I say.

He pauses and stares at my belly, then says "my little belly doesn't want to!" and waltzes out of the room.

10-23 A neighbor of ours, who has given us venison in the past, this year showed up with the entire deer! Does he know we are from California? The children had a few thoughts..."Mom I don't eat deer, I just eat meat!" Said by my 5yo Lydia as she eats venison.

My little Benjamin, 4yo, was trying to figure out what we do eat. I mean if we eat deer, is anything okay? He kept asking us if we eat monkey, alligator and other various obscure animals.

10-28 Susan and Becca take their first happy bath together!! Susan has always loved baths but Becca has screamed...we end up throwing her in the shower just to get her cleaned and shorten the torture. She now instantly LOVES baths?!

11-23 My Natalie 9, Raymond 8 and I were playing life the other day. Natalie was getting grumpier and grumpier as the game progressed and I couldn't quite identify why. When I asked her what is wrong she said "I have no children!" She was SO frustrated when she passed the last opportunity to have a child..and said.."can't I adopt at least one child?"

11-21 Benjamin announces he is grateful for watermelon!

11-25 I have a few friends who have had babies lately and the subject of nursing has come up again. Susie nurses her dolls, and apparently it's been on the mind of Lydia. She asked me the other day..."What do mommies with one baby do with their other breast?"

12-01 Benjamin is 4 and now finally potty trained...remember this started in April, with many sanity breaks for mom.

12-10 We have been listening to Christmas music a lot lately and it is obviously sinking into the children's minds. After a rousing rendition of "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" Natalie (9) says "We are NOT having ANY mistletoe in our house!"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cinnamon applesauce ornaments

We love making these deliciously smelling, and slightly messy ornaments.

Here is the whole gang...
Becca dressed for Christmas in Hawaii...
Lydia could not resist the smell...
Susan and her hands...

Cinnamon applesauce ornaments

1c cinnamon
3/4 c applesauce
1T allspice
1T cloves
1T ginger

the allspice, cloves and ginger are purely for smell, so feel free to replace them with cinnamon, double up on your favorite, substitute or whatever...

Mix together well. If necessary use more cinnamon (or flour) to make the dough not quite so sticky. Roll them (about 1/4 in thick) out and cut them, don't forget to use a straw or pencil to make a whole for a ribbon to go through (if you do forget hot glue guns can also attach ribbon to hang them ). You can dry them on the pan, but they smell REALLY good if you bake them at 200 for about 1.5 hours (depending on how thick they are).

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

it continues...

We had a great evening at Temple Square, but we don't have any pictures of the girls singing. We also don't have pictures of the girls' two orchestra performances at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Sandy. I think the Orchestra director would have stared me down had I taken a picture. We had one performance Friday night (I drove) and another Saturday night (With the carpool)...Sunday December 2nd the older girls' choir performed at the Assembly Hall. We had a wonderful (yet cold) walk through the lights and the snow. The performance was amazing. They snag vivaldi's christmas cantata. Natalie thought it was great. Raymond thought it was awesome that they could sing in Latin.

Here are some pictures of the lights

Raymond's Baptism

December 1st was Raymond's Baptism day! We started the day with a good bit of snow. Raymond was in a mood. He still had a thousand questions to ask, and would choose the most innopportune times to ask them. I just checked with him, and he did finally get satisfactory answers to all of his questions! We were sad that Mom and Dad Kelly couldn't come today. We were happy to have my parents there and the Rexes, David and Tresa Hamsons, Michelle Kelly and numerous friends. We enjoyed Grandma Hamson's talk. Raymond said he felt the spirit most after he left the Relief Society room. He said it felt warm and like hot air just came right down inside him...

Here is a family picture. We were obviously very done with sitting still and not at all in the mood to smile...

Here are my parents, Chris and I and the guy himself in his sparkling choir gear, to look extra handsome...

Festival of Trees

November 30th.

The four oldest children had a choir performance at the festival of trees. They sang beautifully. Raymond thought it was tiring, but he did a fabulous job with all the actions and singing. Natalie thought it was nice and fun.
Lydia in this picture is second from the left in the front row..amazingly she is singing (she coudln't help it she knew the songs so well!) most of the time she was also twirling her tie on her skirt or twirling her hair....

Natalie is in the top left corner...

Here is an amazing gingerbread creation of a dragon!

Just to allow me a new motherhood experience, as we were walking away from the stage to go meet the older children, Ben took off pushing the stroller at a run. I (35 weeks pregnant) grabbed both little girls and tried to chase him...that didn't work. I waited and walked after him, but he didn't come back. I sent out the other choir mommies and went to get security to report my "run away". He was found at the very far end of the expo center happily running with the stroller. He was not aware he was lost, to busy enjoying the freedom of having no one say "Ben please push the stroller carefully!" After that I had to recover...yikes that isn't good for the heart.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Raymond is 8!!
Thanksgiving with the Gooches and Kellys


October!We made bricks like the Hebrews in Egypt.

Ben is four!!


We had a wonderful month.
We made our own clay and pots.

I went to a volleyball reunion

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rebecca and Susan are 2!!

August 31, 2007 We had a great time with the girls on their birthday!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Independence Day

We had a great time signing the Declaration of Independence, meeting a Pocahontas descendant and seeing a james town village reinactment. We also enjoyed the balloon festival and celebrated at grandma and grandpa kelly's house with barbeque and fireworks.

Here are some extra pictures, if it isn't already playing, push play in the botom left corner of the box.

Beach reunion

We had a wonderful Hamson family reunion camping at the beach.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kalani's 11th Birthday

What a challenge it was, even for an eleven year old, to wait all day to open presents at Grandma's house.

Gruncle Earl and Great Aunt Vereni were on hand at Grandma and Grandpa's along with cousin Nick.

Rebecca found the perfect lap...Raymond's.

Meanwhile, Grandpa rested to "Barbie's Magic Rainbow."

Kalani is becoming quite a young lady.

She doesn't need help blowing out the candles.

She does need help eating the cake and ice cream.

Ben was willing to show his appreciation for the celebration.

Lydia was just happy she could help Kalani with the cake and ice cream.