Sunday, April 6, 2008

We had a homeschool children's version of a Seder dinner. We started Christian fashioin carrying palm leaves from Israel. We marched, said hosanna, and tried to keep the children from whipping each other. Here is Raymond. He waited until everyone had a few palm leaves and had started walking...the handing out guy gave him the rest.

Here is Ben avoiding the sun.

Here is Kalani helping the prepare the entry of the hall for Christ.

Becca and Susan are hesitant even though it's grape juice they're being offered. Could that be because we just let them try bitter herbs?
This was an introduction to the passover for children. So when we discussed the plagues in Egypt, we handed out plastic frogs and the children hopped them everywhere. When we talked about the Israelites making bricks we built with packing peanuts and toothpicks. We skipped the extended sitting still part in favor of trying the different foods, talking about the symbolism and lots of activities. It was wonderful at the end to see Elijah's place setting with a picture of the Kirtland temple and remembering that elijah came to the temple on April 6th-passover.

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Tamster said...

How interesting (the temple and place-setting thing)! It looks like the kids had fun! :-)