Thursday, December 31, 2009

funnies 2009

1-16 Chris engages Raymond in battleship and Raymond says "Let's see how skilled you are at guessing."

1-18 In our house bananas are pronounce "bee-nana" and pajamas are "pea jamas" except for Becca's nightgown with a certain silly old bear, which is now "pooh jamas"

1-23 We go on an adventure to Amarillo and have a great time. On the ride back Ben and Lydia discuss if it takes longer to drive to Amarillo or to Utah. Lydia decides it's not longer to Utah and says "Not if we take the short cut!" They talk back and forth and apparently they think we drove an extra 14 hours just for the scenery to get here...The older children were breaking their eyes with all the eye rolling.

2-14 Raymond declares that kissing is long as he doesn't have to do the kissing and isn't being kissed.

2-19 For whatever reason I say "2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?" then I turn to Ben and ask him who we appreciate to which he immediately replies, "Fat chickens!"

3-1 Becca and I were about to read a book we have about a Penguin's little brother hatching. There is a great CRACK sound and apparently it made an impression on Becca. She calls the baby the "crack baby", and the book is the crack baby book.

5-16 Listening to Becca, Ben and Susan imaginitive play "she has dangerous slippers" (Becca) "Beware oh squashed one" (Ben) "You came to the diamond castle with your teddy bear" (Ben) " You saw a kitty" (Susan-followed by meow, meow...)

6-3 Becca and Susan are eating corn on the cob. They must be in a hurry because they are trying to swallow without chewing. I remind them to chew at which point Becca says "Achoo, achoo"

6-6 Ben learns to ride a bike without training wheels in record time. Literally less than 5 minutes to full fledged pedaling and stopping with the pedals. With a drunk happy smile on his face he says "I'm so glad I'm a learner!"

6-7 Chris after spilling his dinner all over says "I've been fasting so long, I've forgotten how to eat!"

7-5 Ben's sunday school teacher asked him if he forgives his brother Raymond. Ben responded "I do but it's getting harder all the time!"

7-6-09 Raymond comes up to talk with me and reads over my shoulder about Michael Jackson. "Who's that?" he asks. "I told you about him, remember the.." I begin. He interupts with "Is that the guy with all the faces?", yeah.

7-8-09 Raymond and I were talking about funny tasting stuff and he confesses "I used to eat sand when I was younger, and it tastes a lot better than it looks!"

7-15-09 Natalie and I were discussing Chris' crazy schedule for the next few days and I said something about him being in a pickle..natalie summed up the conversation with "We don't want Dad stuck in pickles of time"

7-16-09 I was cleaning up the kitchen and when I finished Ben walks in and says "Wow mom! That kitchen is cleaner than.... a dog's paw!" Thanks son.

7-20-09 On our tour of Texas we saw cartoons previously unseen...and at night when there wasn't much on for children Becca would say, "I want the split pants guy!" She had discovered spongebob.

8-1-09 Friends were sealed in the Lubbock temple. Susan said "You oughtta get married mama!" Good plan Susan; we'll consider that.

8-1-09 On the 3 hour drive home from Lubbock that took 5 hours Lydia said "Are we going to get home today?!"

8-26-09 As we were all sewing eye patches (What? You don't hang out with your children sewing eye patches?) Raymond says, "The best thing about stabbing yourself..." at which point Liz (my VT) and I cracked up. He finally continued "the best thing about stabbing yourself with a needle, is that they are small and don't make a very big hole."

10-06-09 We are at friends visiting their goats because it's "g" week. Ben comes in from the humid heat and says "I'm hotter than a red cow!"

10-09-09 Ben runs into the pipe swing and earns himself 5 stitches. As he's talking with the doctor and they're discussing how he can keep from injuring himself, he says, "I just have to remember to duck."

10/16/09 As we're sitting in church, Susie says, "Raymond's always going to be a boy, isn't he Momma?" "Yes," I say, "and what are you?" "CUTE!" She beams.

10/18/09 Raymond, while taking about his newest lego inventions, "I have ideas and I know they are good!"

10-21-09 Susan was having a bad morning..the bowl wasn't the right color, her spoon wasn't quite right. Ben tried to encourage her using his still developing complimenting skills. "Try some honey, Susie, it's so so sweet like you." Susan cheers up and sits calmly down. Then Ben says, "You're not as cute as Abi though; she's cuter than a monkey's face."

11-15-09 We watched "The Incredibles" today. Afterwards Raymond comes up and says "Mom, I know why Syndrome couldn't use the abbreviation BS for Baby Sitter on his shirt." "Oh?" I say. "Boy Scouts-they're already using it." He replies in all seriousness.

12-6-09 During primary each of the characters in the nativity story are being discussed. Joseph is mentioned. "Who is Joseph?" the primary president asks...Ben responds (without raising his hand or waiting) "That guy who believed Mary!"

12-21-09 Raymond and I are talking about the ladies who want to rent our house. " Are these the people with the chimichanga?" "HUH?" me. "The chimichanga, you know the 6 pound chimichanga!" "Do you mean the 6 pound chihuahua?" "Yes""...No this isn't them."

12-28-09 Abigail has been chasing after Becca and Susie for a while, trying to get in on their games. Today it was as if a lightbulb turned on...she knelt down and started to meow...she was pretending to be a kitten. What four year old girl could resist that? I felt like I was watching the birth of her imagination.

12-31-09 We're taking down Christmas decorations and I ask Raymond to take off the hope ornament-the last ornament on the tree. It's a hand painted ornament with a lovely dove and fancy writing. He hands it to Ben. Ben sits there holding the ornament...then says "I thought it said poop."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Worst camping trip

It says in the scriptures that in the last days the hearts of men will fail them. Perhaps that is because the last days will involve a lot of camping. Anyone who has been camping much at all will agree. Up until now our worst camping trip was the doomed Alpine trip of 06. It ended up with a ride on a tow truck, a train and a few buses. The children look back at the trip with childlike wonder, which always has Chris and I smiling and rolling our eyes. We remember Chris’ long hike to find a cell phone friendly place, the long wait for the truck, and of course the nightmare trip home with Chris in the tow truck and me with 7 little children (and an angel cousin Michelle). I don’t suggest attempting to catch trains or buses with little children. Nursing twins on public transportation is it’s own unique experience. We did have lots of help along the way; kind people lifting our double stroller, racing ahead to hold the bus and coming to pick us up on the last leg to avoid a long wait and another bus. That camping trip was bad but fun to look back on. That camping trip was a pleasure cruise compared to this.

We had planned to drive about 6 hours to meet Chris near his job interview and scout out the area. We had chosen a more urban campsite with wifi and a pool. It is called Midessa Oil Patch. That should have been our first clue. Who names a campground after an oil patch? That’s not exactly inviting. We arrive at our oil patch after a benign 8 hour journey and start to set up our tents. Well first we pay for another campsite because although the internet said 10 people per site what they really meant was 5. The guy cuts us a deal and we head to the site. There he explains that the proximity to the bathroom is good at these sites (100 ft), but it is a lower part of the campground and if it were to rain that could be bad. I jokingly asked how badly they needed rain…if they need it badly we’ll camp here and bring it on. The higher ground tent sites are about 200 yards from the bathroom and in the middle of the night with 3year olds? That’s not reasonable. We gamble and take the low sites offered. Next he asks if we stake our tents…um yes I say, wondering how else one sets up a tent. He goes on to show me all the areas which have utilities close to the ground and cannot be staked…which leaves us one of three tent spots available for staking. What’s going to happen? I wonder to myself. Our tents aren’t exactly going to blow away with us in them. Kalani wanted to bring Grandma’s A frame tent, so that gets the “staking” plot and we set things up. I set the doesn’tfitourfamily tent under the shade thing provided because it’s rain fly is missing and the shade thing should cover us as long as the rain isn’t seriously sideways right?
At this point the thoughtful reader knows what will actually happen. You’ve all seen dumb comedies staring chevy chase and goldie hawn. You know all these comments are not logical thinking but foreshadowing of future events. Now that you know what will happen you hope it plays out in an entertaining fashion and there are a few interesting twists. But this is our life so we aren’t expecting the comedy gods to take some sort of Truman show like interest in us, so we go blissfully on our way.
Chris arrives and we all change in to swimsuits and enjoy a fabulous swim. The water was perfect. The pool had a great shallow end which Ben particularly enjoyed. He’s more of a runner than a swimmer, because swimming involved actually getting your face….wet. Abi loves water. She is also an independent little soul who doesn’t really want help. She climbs down the steps into the water and is then frustrated when you attempt to hold her before she takes the final leap. I’m not sure what her plan is, but ours is that she NOT drown. Anyway swimming. Fun.
Next we eat, again, and break out the glow sticks. Swirling, light saber fights racing around and general glowing fun is had by all. [Calm before the storm, introduce the family, and set up the action…everything right on schedule comedy gods.]
We settle everyone down and after much shushing and singing we finally get the littles to sleep. GREAT! It’s 11 and we need to talk. We sit in his car and plug in the computer. How was his interview? What does he think about this job or the other one? Frogville or near big blast off? We began pros and cons and salary and compensation and etc. We had a lot to talk about but after just a few minutes we noticed the lightening. No problem. It’ll be a thunderstorm and the chance of rain is only 20 percent. We had bigger problems like how to get the wifi working when we don’t have a contact number for the oil people.

Then the front of the storm hit. It was a doozy. Texas does do everything bigger and that whole wind sweeping down the plains thing? It’s not just for Oklahoma. Over my shoulder Chris sees the “family” tent starting to take off. It only has the three little girls in it, so he hops out and runs over to climb in and hold the tent. Over his shoulder I see the wind whipping the A frame and I know it’s going to collapse because that is what A frame tents do best. It collapsed before I got there. The wind is picking up and the rain that looked so minor on the windshield is pelting. I quickly realize I can’t fix the tent until the storm dies down so I decide to look in on the girls to see how they are doing. As I unzip it occurs to me that the material that tents are made of and the material of parachuts are very similar. With the tent open, it catches the wind and clearly my three oldest girls don’t weigh enough. I try to close it up, hold it down and am meanwhile pelted with hail now. Seriously comedy gods? Hail? Hail hurts. “Forget this” I say, we’re getting into the van. I splash back to the family tent (at least 3 inch deep puddles by now) and ask for my keys. Chris hands me becca’s glasses and I say no put those back where they’ll be safe in the tent pocket (wave goodbye to glasses audience). The older girls run to the tent, dodging hail and I fold up the A frame and stick it on the picnic table.

Chris had been planning to ride the storm out in the tent, hoping the three sleeping girls would stay quiet, we’re campers, we can do it. I inform him of lake oilpatch so we begin to formulate an evacuation plan. I carry the younger girls to the car in the hail. We take a few bags and such out of the family tent and plan again. The hail is stopped but the rain is relentless. Now that the incredible shrieking girls (none of whom was louder than me) are in the van, we are calm. You can only get so wet. Once your eyelashes are dripping and everything on you is soaked , that’s really as wet as you can get.
We get the boys. They were just hanging out in their tent enjoying the show. They stumble into the van. Now what? We decide to fold up the tents, stuff and all and just cram them into the back of the van. We have enough adrenaline that we may get a head start on our long drive. It is about this time that we realize two things. First of all playing in the rain is fun once the children are all snuggly in the van, and secondly we have key trouble. Somehow during all of the carrying of children and smushing of tents one key has fallen off the key ring I’m holding. I didn’t put my keys in my pockets because I’m wearing pajamas and it is well documented that pajamas don’t need pockets. Which of my keys has fallen off? The van key. Chris only has the keys to the rental car (because I lost his keys last week-Hello my name is britt I can’t keep track of keys-but hey, normally I don’t lose them WHILE I’m holding them). Oh and where are Chris’ keys? He had put them down in the tent when he was holding it. Apparently neither of us can keep track of keys. His keys are now stuffed in the van with the wet, muddy tents. Of course we put that tent in first so that would mean it’s on the bottom. Oh and Becca’s glasses are also in the tent.

So much for singing in the rain. Into the tent muck I go. After a good thirty minutes of searching I found the keys. HURRAH! But Becca’s glasses are still missing. Who leaves $300 dollars just lying in the tent…then again I have frequently wondered who in their right mind would hand their 3 year old $300, but what do you do, we do want her to see things.
We had called AAA and they will be able to replace the Van key in the morning. We shuffle around in the muck hoping for a sight of silver, picking up whatever has blown around in the scramble, then give up. We change into “dry clothes”.

We shuttle everyone to a hotel and collapse on the bed. The children are full of adrenaline and not at all willing to sleep. Finally at 3am we settle down.
We get up and get ready to go to breakfast. There is a morning after realization that what you think you need at 3am (nothing but a hot shower and a bed) and what you actually want when you wake up the next day (at least dry shoes!) are different. Not even one third of us had shoes and only one pair of shoes were dry (Hi Natalie! Good thinking!) Most of us were stuck in pajamas
Just for the record leather clogs chafe when they are soaking wet. After breakfast we all feel a bit better and the children and I check out the KID DOME! (exclamation mark their’s I only felt much excitement for SLEEP! Or BED!)
There was a play structure (like a McDonalds thing), miniature golf, ping pong and a pool. This kept us busy and happy (aside from the great Abi diaper escape).

Meanwhile back at the campground Chris was surveying the damage, airing things out to dry and looking for the van key. Much of the water was gone but the key was still not to be found. Wonderful AAA guy came and brought us a replacement key. We hurriedly checked out of the hotel, packed up the semi dry stuff and took off on an eight hour drive-which really was quite a pleasure compared to the camping trip.
Looking back we can be grateful for a few things. We did not fall face first in the muck (ha take that comedy gods). We have eight wonderful children who both complicate things and greatly increase the joy. Chris found the glasses the next morning as he was airing out the tents. The comedy gods left us alone for the drive.

The greatest casualty was most likely Kalani’s scriptures. She had left them in the van and we nicely placed mucky tents practically on top of them. Grandma’s A frame tent also died. Somewhere in the wind or hefting it ripped in quite a few places. That’s okay though because A frames require stakes and really who stakes their tents anyway?

As we drove away we asked the children if this was a sign that everything was happening so we would be stuck here, or everything was happening to drive us away…what do you think?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day of rest

Sunday...A day of rest

6:30 Get up, shower and finish my lesson preparations. I get distracted and read conference talks.

7:30 Chris is gone for his meetings. Kalani is next in the shower.

8-8:30 Natalie in the shower...feed everyone -make sure susie's food is not too hot or too cold, is blown the right amount and she has the right spoon. becca needs the white bowl...gently encourage raymond to consider showering.

8:30-9:30 dress, comb, brush, wash hair, gather YW stuff, don't forget the books kalani borrowed or the wheat grinder,change a diaper, feed the baby and wish I had time to nurse her...

wait for chris to come home and finish looking for shoes-give up and put the 5yo in his sneakers. Remember to brush my teeth and hurriedly finish my hair

10-1 church relaxing right?
enjoy listening to raymond singing
ben and rebecca fight over paper and the second rebecca is out of sacrament meeting she says calmly, "can we go home and play ponies?"

my sunday school class today consisted of one 15yo boy...we decide to combine classes and I sit in on sunbeams with Becca and Sue. For the first time this year they have an actual teacher and she is there the whole time. It is a pleasure. Trees and plants are a blessing.

After church we hurriedly gather people, discuss family dinner plans, and go home. After lunch the missionaries show up. Many are called but few are frozen.

Next comes sil to start cooking... chris has another meeting, did he mention he invited brother G to dinner? Becca screams unless I hold her AND her basket of ponies. She'd prefer to be in the rocking chair.

catfish, potatoes and salad with ginger snaps

tami and mom do the dishes

bishopric comes over -it is now after 9 and some people are starting to leave, but others are filling their places.

the piece de resistance? 5yo comes racing down the hall announcing loudly "Susie went POOP in the toilet!" which is good considering the option her twin took.

finally bedtime. chris can start preparing his lessons as a lame duck teacher.

Why are mondays so very mondayish?

Monday, January 26, 2009

chicken pox

Here are the pictures I have of our chicken pox experience. I can't say it was our funnest christmas, but we were very grateful that everyone did well, with no complications. We had a chicken poxy party (in place of the ward christmas party), we had poxy potion (blueberry shake that helped any throats that were sore and in general was yummy), went for distraction with a christmas video day with all of the old christmas videos (thank Elizabeth). WE did lots of christmas crafts and Natalie went to the library for them with huge lists of books. Becca was the only one with a fever. Normally there were a few chicken pox on day one, around twenty on day two then on day three they didn't feel great and it either exploded to the Becca, Kalani pattern, or slowed down. The longest was Becca with 7 days...with Susan being the shortest case with 5.

Becca is a bit dramatic. She would scream that she hated chicken poxies. She had MANY baths with oatmeal, lots of calamine lotion a mild fever and in general made sure everyone knew she had chicken pox and wasn't happy about it. She had the most poxies, I stopped counting at 50...with a belly full of them.
Abigail on the other hand needed lots of love and snuggles and in general...a good deal of attention. She did appretiate baths and calamine lotion. She probably had about 20 pox..plenty for her little body..and one I didn't like, near her eye that we watched like a hawk.

Susan also was a sleeper. She was also in denial. She refused to accept that she had chicken pox and would correct anyone who told her so. This made it so that she refused calamine lotion...baths were still good, but NO oatmeal, so I did baking soda to still coat the poxies. She probably had around 30 poxies, not a bad case.

Ben was a great chicken poxy...he slept. Anywhere, anytime, he slept. He did take baths and wasn't always happy, but generally...sleep. Ben was in the 40 range with poxies. It slowed him down for a day or two, then he was back to action. He appretiated that mom didn't care if he spent the day in his jamas.

Kalani hibernated in her room, refused pictures and watched jane austin movies(thanks Jennie!)...Kalani had around 100...obviously I didn't count them all, but did help with calamine lotion.

Lydia only had 7 poxies despite all of her searching.

Raymond just never got them...not that we know of. It is possible they were hidden under layers of dirt or just where he wasn't going to ever let me see...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

amarillo children's museum

We all had a blast on our adventure yesterday. We found ourselves more times than we got lost. We asked directions at a drive through pharmacy, in a book store and from a taxi driver. We bought goggles and toys using birthday money. We also spent 3+ hours in the Amarillo children's museum.