Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kelly's speak out 2007 warning sensitive material...

Kelly's speak out in is a window into our daily life in the form of unique people speak. Some sensitive matters are addressed in children fashion...

4-01 From Benjamin 3 while potty training...he starts singing "Come out come out wherever you are poopies..."

4-03 Last night Raymond 7, came out of the bathroom and said "Mom someday people are going to think I'm a fish, but I still won't have any gills."

4-04 This morning Benjamin 3 sat on my lap and wrapped his arms around me and said,"Mom, you are my smooching thing!" and then kissed my nose.

5-01 We hoped we might get pregnant in April, and after experiencing and not appretiating a few negative pregnancy tests, I had promised myself to wait until May 2nd...except I couldn't wait and we found out we were pregnant today!!

5-03 Chris and I went out tonight. We went to dinner, to the Temple, then finished birthday shopping. At the checkout I am thinking about my family and how great my husband is and just feeling grateful and wonderfully happy. I look over at Chris in his suit and tie, cleancut haircut...and he turns to me and says..

"If I were a rapper..." I never did hear the rest because I bust out laughing.

6-09 This was part of my darling 7yo boys prayer before dinner...

"please bless that Ben (the 3yo) will stop saying he doesn't like things that he really does...

please bless that we will somehow be able to eat this without any problems..."(it was baked potatoes!)

6-11 We have goats milk at our house because Becca tolerates it better. This has led to all sorts of conversations about cow's milk, why my children say we don't drink horse milk-doesn't that sound grosser than cows milk this morning Ben comes up and says "mom, I want people milk"

6-13 After my first OB appointment, I was measuring long (for the 7th time!) and they said it may be twins maybe we should schedule an ultrasound in July or so...I said how about tomorrow? We found out that we are having ONE darling little baby. We told our children today and there was MUCH discussion among Kalani and Natalie as how they were going to share ONE baby!

6-25 Some of you may know that we call our little girl (Susan) "Zanna"
Today we were HOT and eating frozen bananas for a treat.
I called them frozanas.
My Benjamin (3) came up to me later and said "Momma, can I have a cold Susan?"

6-25 At dinner my Raymond (7) serves himself up a big dish of peas and corn..."Look Mom! PORN!"

7-21 My darling Benjamin (I can say that now that he is asleep) has been praying for the last week that he will be a dad when he grows up . Tonight he started normally "bless me to be a daa...bless me to be batman when I grow up".

With everything else going on, I figure our Father in Heaven probably needs children's prayers like this for the sheer stress relief of them!

7-31 Ben-3-His first reaction to the water? He loved the warm water, splashed and played, then suddenly started screaming and crying. Two skim boarders right next to him were baffled. I asked him what was wrong and he said "The water MOVES!!"

8-22 Our wonderful Ultrasound of sweet little baby. As we discover she is a girl, the first name that comes to mind is Abigail...a name we have never discussed, but both love! She is wonderful, 14 oz and has all the right parts in the right places.

9-23 In the midst of a great BYU volleyball reunion under cougar stadium there was a fire drill...we all left the building, it stopped and we went back started again. This was all during the speech of the present head coach, who proceeded to shout his remarks over each onslaught of alarm. When it was time for a few words from the previous head coach the fire alarm shenanigans stopped immediately!

10-11 Raymond's critique of dinner..."Mom this chicken was awesome, it had kinda a yummy taste, unusual for chicken" (it was barbequed chicken)

10-12 So I'm feeding the little girls lunch. They do not want left overs of the highly touted bbq chicken...well Susan does. Rebecca however only wants ONE thing. Only one thing in the whole entire house could possibly be her lunch...what is that thing you ask?

Yellow squash...RAW! After offering her everything I could think of, I finally relented and sliced a thin slice of peeled yellow squash...

10-17 So the other day i was trying to reach my shoes which had been pushed under my bed. I ask Benjamin (now 4) to help.
"Why can't you bend do you have an owie on your toe?" he asks.

"No, my big belly makes it difficult to bend over" I say.

He pauses and stares at my belly, then says "my little belly doesn't want to!" and waltzes out of the room.

10-23 A neighbor of ours, who has given us venison in the past, this year showed up with the entire deer! Does he know we are from California? The children had a few thoughts..."Mom I don't eat deer, I just eat meat!" Said by my 5yo Lydia as she eats venison.

My little Benjamin, 4yo, was trying to figure out what we do eat. I mean if we eat deer, is anything okay? He kept asking us if we eat monkey, alligator and other various obscure animals.

10-28 Susan and Becca take their first happy bath together!! Susan has always loved baths but Becca has screamed...we end up throwing her in the shower just to get her cleaned and shorten the torture. She now instantly LOVES baths?!

11-23 My Natalie 9, Raymond 8 and I were playing life the other day. Natalie was getting grumpier and grumpier as the game progressed and I couldn't quite identify why. When I asked her what is wrong she said "I have no children!" She was SO frustrated when she passed the last opportunity to have a child..and said.."can't I adopt at least one child?"

11-21 Benjamin announces he is grateful for watermelon!

11-25 I have a few friends who have had babies lately and the subject of nursing has come up again. Susie nurses her dolls, and apparently it's been on the mind of Lydia. She asked me the other day..."What do mommies with one baby do with their other breast?"

12-01 Benjamin is 4 and now finally potty trained...remember this started in April, with many sanity breaks for mom.

12-10 We have been listening to Christmas music a lot lately and it is obviously sinking into the children's minds. After a rousing rendition of "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" Natalie (9) says "We are NOT having ANY mistletoe in our house!"


JerBear & Co. said...

Britt, that was absolutely hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing (and for writing down in the first place) all those cute thoughts. That makes me think I ought to be better about recording such things. :-) Tami

shellbell said...

I'm Jeremy's sister Shellie, and I had to say your post is just HILAREOUS!! It sounds as if you thoroughly enjoy motherhood, and your comments make me take stock of my own mothering. Hope you dont mind if I visit once in a while...

Kelly Family said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I sometimes keep track of these quirky things to remind myself that I DO ENJOY motherhood. I do enjoy reading these while my children are all sleeping! (does that count?)

JerBear & Co. said...

It does seem like they are a lot easier to enjoy when they are sleeping! So sweet and calm and peaceful! :-) Tami

norm said...

Does your account name have to rhyme to comment here?

It's going to be hard for teri to stick this card to the wall (how else will people know how popular we are!)...

And, I need to know the conclusion of the rapper comment. Inquiring minds want to know!

Kelly Family said...

Norm, I'm so sorry to have injured your popularity! I hope you recover somehow. As for the rapping husband...when I bust out laughing I completely derailed his train of thought. I did get out of him later that he was just looking around at all the goofy people at Walmart and thinking mocking them would make good fodder for a rap.

henryteachers said...

Thanks for the laughs Britt! I sure needed it tonight. Kids sure say the darndest things. I wish you the best Christmas and with your upcoming baby! I love blogging, I'll have to stop by yours more often.
Mindy :)

Tamster said...

Britt, I hope you see this. You've been tagged. Look at my blog to see what it's about. :-) Tami