Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Festival of Trees

November 30th.

The four oldest children had a choir performance at the festival of trees. They sang beautifully. Raymond thought it was tiring, but he did a fabulous job with all the actions and singing. Natalie thought it was nice and fun.
Lydia in this picture is second from the left in the front row..amazingly she is singing (she coudln't help it she knew the songs so well!) most of the time she was also twirling her tie on her skirt or twirling her hair....

Natalie is in the top left corner...

Here is an amazing gingerbread creation of a dragon!

Just to allow me a new motherhood experience, as we were walking away from the stage to go meet the older children, Ben took off pushing the stroller at a run. I (35 weeks pregnant) grabbed both little girls and tried to chase him...that didn't work. I waited and walked after him, but he didn't come back. I sent out the other choir mommies and went to get security to report my "run away". He was found at the very far end of the expo center happily running with the stroller. He was not aware he was lost, to busy enjoying the freedom of having no one say "Ben please push the stroller carefully!" After that I had to recover...yikes that isn't good for the heart.

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JerBear & Co. said...

How fun to see them singing! I wish I could have been there for a performance. They look so cute, and so professional! I too was impressed looking at the pic of Lydia that she was singing and appeared to be actually watching the director and paying attention, something I certainly don't see from Jessica when the primary kids sing in church. I laughed picturing the Ben stroller scenario; sorry that happened (I understand runaways in public places when Mom's freaking out, only to find child having a blast, not even phased by it all). I'm glad it didn't cause pre-term labor or anything! :-) Tami