Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year from the Kelly's: Raymond (12), Britt, Hannah(1), Chris, Natalie(14), Lydia(10), Kalani(15), Abigail(4), Ben(8), Susan(6) and Rebecca(6).

My 40th birthday trip to San Diego was fabulous! I loved having uninterrupted time with my parents and sister and brothers.

Susan being her sweet self

Natalie being her creative self

Lydia being her playful self

Ben was baptized in November!

Our Christmas eve pjs are evidence of Lydia's help, my time sewing, and Natalie's creativity with our dragon shirts.

Natalie's first stake dance continued our family tradition of Dad being her first dance. This involves some embarassment on the part of the daughter in question.

Susan and Rebecca enjoying a twin moment

Britt, Raymond, Susan and Hannah listening to Chris read Christmas stories

Raymond on top of things as usual

Abi rocking her mask

Abi enjoying her very first trip to the gulf

Ben, Kalani, Natalie and Abi demonstrating the ever so slight difference between brothers and sisters

Kalani helping out a blacksmith

Chris and Britt on our 17th anniversary

Kalani enjoying the princess dress she made...and unsurprisingly reading a book

Rebecca and Abi jumping in puddles

Abi, Becca and toothless Ben greeting me at the door

Hannah, on our trip to Lake Hugo with the Hamson's, was a darling little water seeking missile.

Rebecca and Abi enjoy kissable Hannah.

Lydia demonstrates an appreciation for the flexibility of homeschool.

Abi, Susan, Rebecca, and Ben enjoy the first day of homeschool.

And this is how Hannah filled her time and emptied our cupboards while we learned.

Ben and Raymond have to stick together.

We're going to assume this is chocolate on Hannah. We're also going to assume she looked about like this at least once a week and that this picutre covers for the time she dumped out the cocoa, climbed on the piano and the bar, emptied out some food storage, and destroyed various and assundry items.

Good thing she's cute.

Let's see...we didn't move. We didn't have a baby. Chris stayed at the same school. Huh. All of that stability opened up a whole world of opportunities for the Kelly's. This is how some of us remember the year:

Raymond - Hannah became a big monster that's trying to destroy the world and I got the priesthood.

Kalani - received her personal progress award for YW.

Natalie - wrote in her book every, single, day, and we're hoping she learned the value of SAVING documents.

Lydia - remembers swimming with grandma and grandpa.

me - 40th birthday in San Diego

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Michelle said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures! I can't believe how much they've all grown...I hardly recognized them, and they're my cousins!! Glad to hear things are going well!! Love ya!