Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 kelly kids

1-3 While playing Apples to Apples, Kalani gets tongue tied trying to discuss a certain ear accoutrement and calls them "earlings"

1-16 Becca(5) has an old aunt moment as she asks Natalie (13) "So when did you grow up?...I mean wake up?"

1-31 Surely younger siblings have different experiences than older siblings... Raymond(11) is waiting patiently for his computer turn. He is walking around the house swinging his stuffed dog. He sees Hannah and says "I know what I'll do, I'll show Hannah what mock super space wars look like!" Of course! That's what I myself would have done!

4-22 Ben(7) sitting in traffic on the way to a dentist appointment "So did we come here to just stop or what?"

5-1 Susie(5)...that girl sure travels in her brain. She and Abi(3) are helping me make pancakes. They are up on chairs. I come up behind them and give them a kiss and a hug, because I can't get close to the batter or pan or pancakes anyway. Susan says " It's good to hug standing on chairs, BUT NOT ON A CLIFF!"

6-10 We're at the lake with the Hamsons. I follow Becca and Susie(5) into the room to change out of my swimsuit. Susie looks up at me strangely, so I say "Can I come in with you and change?" Susy responds "Ya, it's alright, I promise not to laugh". thanks Sue.

6-18 In the rules you thought you'd never have to make as a mother section: "We don't build things on kitties" said to Becca (5) as she builds a lego contraption on a sleeping kitty.

6-20 For Family Home Evening, we were taking a quiz to check ourselves and how we are doing...before taking a section of the quiz called "humility", Lydia(9) says emphatically to Raymond "I'm going to do better on this part than you!"

7-17 Over dinner we're talking about what we learned in church. Lydia (9) says 'we talked about the parody of the sheep and the goats"

8-11 Natalie(13) while explaining her sense of humor to a friend, "You'd have to be mean to understand that!" "wait...I mean ME! You'd have to be me!"

8-14 Natalie (13) finds Susan's (5) shoes in our attempt to get ready for church. I inform Susan, "don't you have a great sister!" Susan replies "well, she's not THAT great."

8-14 1yo Hannah climbs onto the couch and starts unpacking Natalie's bag. As Natalie picks Hannah up I say "I'm sure glad she's cute" Natalie agrees "Ya people might not like her if she wasn't" To which Raymond responds "I'd hate her if she wasn't cute." Upon seeing our faces he says "What? She's a handful!"

8-25 Becca (5) struggles to carry a gallon of milk and says "Moms weigh more than a gallon of milk". "Yep" I agree. Susan (5) comes in saying "WAY more! No one can pick them up........except Jesus". The good news is her faith exceeds her concept of my weight.

9-18 We're at church and a kind lady has gotten up to bear her testimony with ferver. She says "LDS ROCKS!" about 5 times. After the last time Becca(6) leans over and asks "LDS frogs?" then adds ribbit...and the rest of the meeting there were frog noises from that side of the bench and Abi quickly adjusted to taking care of her little pet frog.

9-18 I love my ward. To sing Hello to visitors we get to choose what language to sing it in. I'm not sure what the die landed on but the lyrics were "Was'up was'up, was'up. was'up..."

10-18 Abi, Raymond and Hannah are off in the van going somewhere. I don't remember what Hannah had just done-something exciting to be sure. Raymond says "Hannah is going to destroy the world". "No she's not, I say" Abi (3) pipes up "Yes mom, she is. She's like superman only with poop!"

11-12-11 A view inside my twisted mind. I catch my daughter with weed . This makes me giggle because it's Hannah the 1yo and it's dilly weed, but yes it was all over the place.

11-16 Raymond reminding me that everyone is different in their view of what's fun... talking about his new rubber band gun "Sometimes I like to shoot myself in the head at point blank range for fun"

11-30 You know that great feeling after you exercise? Sometimes it goes away faster than other times...for example. After a run in the crisp morning air I come home and lay down to do some sit ups. Of course Hannah jumps on me. Next Abi comes and puts her very cold wet hands on my face. "Why are your hands wet?" I ask. "I washed them in your bathroom because of the peanut butter" "Is there peanut butter in my bathroom?" "Yes...because when I had the peanut butter by the computer Hannah would scream" ah. well then. good feeling gone and I'm off to check the computer.

12-24 We come home from Christmas caroling our neighbors. Kalani says 'That was fun!" and Susan adds, "Even though I thought some of them were Aliens." !!


gloria said...

How wonderful that you have saved these. Your kids will have laughs together for the rest of their lives.

E_Glam_Gems said...

Ribit, Ribit, Ribit, That's LDS Rocks in frog language :-) I simply love the Kelly Family. I feel in love with them upon their arrival to Mission Bend Ward!

The teenagers, pre-teens, primary, the boys, the pre-primary twins and baby Hannah are delightful. I love seeing them every Sunday. One day I will have an opportunity to spend a day at home with The Kelly Family.

Chris & Britt are a wonderful couple. I cherish each moment I can spend with them. Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me in your life!

Happy New Year 2012!

Sister Tanya Shorter