Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day of rest

Sunday...A day of rest

6:30 Get up, shower and finish my lesson preparations. I get distracted and read conference talks.

7:30 Chris is gone for his meetings. Kalani is next in the shower.

8-8:30 Natalie in the shower...feed everyone -make sure susie's food is not too hot or too cold, is blown the right amount and she has the right spoon. becca needs the white bowl...gently encourage raymond to consider showering.

8:30-9:30 dress, comb, brush, wash hair, gather YW stuff, don't forget the books kalani borrowed or the wheat grinder,change a diaper, feed the baby and wish I had time to nurse her...

wait for chris to come home and finish looking for shoes-give up and put the 5yo in his sneakers. Remember to brush my teeth and hurriedly finish my hair

10-1 church relaxing right?
enjoy listening to raymond singing
ben and rebecca fight over paper and the second rebecca is out of sacrament meeting she says calmly, "can we go home and play ponies?"

my sunday school class today consisted of one 15yo boy...we decide to combine classes and I sit in on sunbeams with Becca and Sue. For the first time this year they have an actual teacher and she is there the whole time. It is a pleasure. Trees and plants are a blessing.

After church we hurriedly gather people, discuss family dinner plans, and go home. After lunch the missionaries show up. Many are called but few are frozen.

Next comes sil to start cooking... chris has another meeting, did he mention he invited brother G to dinner? Becca screams unless I hold her AND her basket of ponies. She'd prefer to be in the rocking chair.

catfish, potatoes and salad with ginger snaps

tami and mom do the dishes

bishopric comes over -it is now after 9 and some people are starting to leave, but others are filling their places.

the piece de resistance? 5yo comes racing down the hall announcing loudly "Susie went POOP in the toilet!" which is good considering the option her twin took.

finally bedtime. chris can start preparing his lessons as a lame duck teacher.

Why are mondays so very mondayish?


Our Family said...

Okay, so here are my questions:
What is a lame duck teacher? Why on earth is the Bishopric coming over at 9 pm on Sunday night? Do you normally have only one 15 yr old in class? How big is your ward, or is it a branch? And how did you get so lucky to have Tami and Mom there to do the dishes?! : ) Your life sounds just like our, except the Bishopric never shows up at our house on Sunday night! Oh,and I'm not nursing anymore. ; )

Kelly Family said...

lame duck teacher -the principal is not renewing his contract

the bishopric came over to talk with brother G-we didn't know they were looking for him

frequently I have 4 children in my class, but it was spring break and all four were gone, so a less active came!

about 100 people come on sundays-it is a ward, but can be very small at times

I miss you guys!

Michelle said...

Yikes! And I thought my Sundays were busy. It is a bit ironic.