Monday, January 26, 2009

chicken pox

Here are the pictures I have of our chicken pox experience. I can't say it was our funnest christmas, but we were very grateful that everyone did well, with no complications. We had a chicken poxy party (in place of the ward christmas party), we had poxy potion (blueberry shake that helped any throats that were sore and in general was yummy), went for distraction with a christmas video day with all of the old christmas videos (thank Elizabeth). WE did lots of christmas crafts and Natalie went to the library for them with huge lists of books. Becca was the only one with a fever. Normally there were a few chicken pox on day one, around twenty on day two then on day three they didn't feel great and it either exploded to the Becca, Kalani pattern, or slowed down. The longest was Becca with 7 days...with Susan being the shortest case with 5.

Becca is a bit dramatic. She would scream that she hated chicken poxies. She had MANY baths with oatmeal, lots of calamine lotion a mild fever and in general made sure everyone knew she had chicken pox and wasn't happy about it. She had the most poxies, I stopped counting at 50...with a belly full of them.
Abigail on the other hand needed lots of love and snuggles and in general...a good deal of attention. She did appretiate baths and calamine lotion. She probably had about 20 pox..plenty for her little body..and one I didn't like, near her eye that we watched like a hawk.

Susan also was a sleeper. She was also in denial. She refused to accept that she had chicken pox and would correct anyone who told her so. This made it so that she refused calamine lotion...baths were still good, but NO oatmeal, so I did baking soda to still coat the poxies. She probably had around 30 poxies, not a bad case.

Ben was a great chicken poxy...he slept. Anywhere, anytime, he slept. He did take baths and wasn't always happy, but generally...sleep. Ben was in the 40 range with poxies. It slowed him down for a day or two, then he was back to action. He appretiated that mom didn't care if he spent the day in his jamas.

Kalani hibernated in her room, refused pictures and watched jane austin movies(thanks Jennie!)...Kalani had around 100...obviously I didn't count them all, but did help with calamine lotion.

Lydia only had 7 poxies despite all of her searching.

Raymond just never got them...not that we know of. It is possible they were hidden under layers of dirt or just where he wasn't going to ever let me see...


Our Family said...

So did you do the immunization? Is the really the first time anyone in your house had the chicken pox? If so, I am amazed! It's no fun--sounds like you made it through okay!

Kelly Family said...

Natalie had the vaccination and had chicken pox a few years ago, and somehow no one else got it everyone else got it now.

Tamster said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Ben sleeping on the couch like that! Classic! :-)

Glad it's all over with! :-)