Sunday, October 12, 2008

My mother and I both have eight children. In a twist of biology she had six boys and two girls, while I have six girls and two boys. Much of my daily routine must be somewhat familiar to her, even if she doesn't remember. When I've asked my mother advice a basic issue of motherhood, sleeplessness, she says she doesn't remmeber having major problems. This is ironic because I remember BEING a major problem! I have been told that I made my dad jump around chasing away flying monkeys from that still to scary to be seen movie, the wizard of Oz. I remember sleeping in between them on a camping trip and I know I woke up quite early as a child. There are other simple things I know we share, like wondering if 4 bunches of bananas will survive the weekend, being told "I'm hungry" while still clearing the table from the previous meal, and mountains of laundry.

I had occaission to wonder recently about playtime. In my family some afternoons look like this

All we need for a fabulous afternoon is the nucracker and dancing clothes, even just scarves will do. I know from experience that this isn't as fascinating to boys. For whatever reason boys and music at my house tend towards wrestling.

I know boys and girls play differently. Just ask my son what happens when he asks a sister to play risk. They always refuse. When he first got he game and they agreed to play it they would come to me crying within minutes, "he's talking over my country!" Not only do they like different kinds of games. But even given the very same toy they play differently This is clearly seen with dinosaurs at our house. Ben and Raymond opt for major carnivorous battles. They also spend a lot of time lining them up preparing for said battle. The girls put all the dinosaurs in a pile, pick out families, assign mommies and daddies and children, and play a rousing game of house. No one gets eaten. When we play castle the girls think of the beautiful dresses and dancing, the boys think of dragons.

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Tamster said...

It is funny how differently boys and girls think and play, isn't it?!

I have noticed, however, in our family, since Jessica doesn't have any sisters, she can hold her own with the boys. She can play well in their world, but I think she still prefers more girly play! :-)