Sunday, January 7, 2007

2006 a year in review

We wanted to record some of the many highlights in 2006.

January brought cousins and sledding. We went to Thanksgiving Point. Most memorable for me was a visit with my Grandma. It was her first time to see the twins and the last time we saw her alive. Lisa's girls and my older girls performed a play for her. Grandma held babies, smiled and laughed, though we knew she couldn't hear much. What a wonderful lady.

February brought Grandma's funeral. We are so glad she could die peacefully at Aunt Lou's home-I feel very grateful for Aunt Lou's care. All of my brothers and my sister came to the funeral and we crammed as much visiting as we could in one day. We shared wonderful memories of that Dutch-wife-of-a-colonel. David shared about our last trip with Grandma to see Mom and Dad home from their first mission, to Nigeria, and our time on Coronado walking Grandma out to the beach. We missed mom terribly.

March brought trips to the Dinosaur museum. Raymond was our official tour guide, making sure we hit the important sites. He even checked their literature to see if they had made any mistakes...he hasn't found any yet.

April brought a unique summer plan...a camping trip every month with reservations all made...This is one of the zillions of reaons I'm glad I'm married. I NEVER would have dreamed this many camping trips with this many little ones was possible (or desirable). I can now say I was mostly wrong.

May brought a restful mothers day and gardening galore. We love being outside. Kalani is now 10---double digits--how did that happen? It seems like just yesterday when we were enjoying that Angels game. May also brought our first camping trip...what a great first trip. Diamond Fork was just around the corner and beautiful. A great road around our campsite for biking, a little group of short trees for playing in, and a hidden path up to a small hill. Our secret weapon was Chris' niece Michelle, who is invaluable.

June brought a quick trip to California. Chris' brother was made a Bishop. We enjoyed the time with family and the beach. The drive was better than anticipated, and the family time made the drive worth it.

July started out with Chris' sister Cindy and her husband Don taking us on a memorable hike with Dad and Mom Kelly up by Bridal Veil. July also brought the biggest adventure of the summer. And a highlight, or lowlight-depending on who you are.
After a beautiful camping trip up in Alpine, we discovered our van was not starting. Chris hiked, and hitched a ride to where he was able to call a tow truck. We rode on the back of the tow truck down the mountain, which according to the children was like a ride at Disneyland-Dad said it was almost as expensive! Once we got off the mountain the towtruck driver said he chouldn't take us home riding on the back of the truck. Chris stayed with the truck and van, and the rest of us...including Super Michelle, rode by TRAX and bus to BYU. At BYU we called home and Chris had arranged rides for us. It took us many hours to get home, and we had MANY helpers along the way to figure out the route, make connections with seven little ones and Michelle's bags (she had an EFY session to get to!). All of the children consider this to be one of their favorite adventure of the year! The parents find it more fun from a distance...the larger the distance the better.

August brought Flaming Gorgeous.
What a beautiful place to camp. We enjoyed caping in one place longer and going on hikes...even an incredibly long hike to see dinosaur footprints. We enjoyed the dinosaur museum. Susan polished up on her walking skills at Flaming Gorge.
Our little Susan and Rebecca turned one!
It is amazing how fast time flies when your half-consious.
September brought Arches.

This was another highlight of the year. After months of hiking, the children were ready for some pretty challenging hikes to see some incredible arches. Although the hike to Delicate Arch scared Mom silly-we did get to see it at sunset (and hike back in the dark!!). We all want to go back and climb more rocks, play in the beautiful sand and make more friends!

October brought soccer. Raymond especially enjoyed playing, while Kalani and Natalie enjoyed being with friends and having a ball roll past. We attended a great homeschool harvest festival with our homeschool friends.
Benjamin is now 3! That makes him old enough to play with all the 3+ toys his rule-abiding brother has been holding back from him...YIPPEE! Chris is old enough to be a father of 7! Rebecca is finally a walker!

November brought Thanksgiving.
We spent more time with Chris' sister Tami and Jeremy and their children Jessica and Jacob. They are expecting their third child, a little boy. Cousins and grandma make a for a wonderful thanksgiving. Raymond is now 7! We tried not to be sick, shared our disease generously with each other, and then were sick again. We are grateful it was all minor...though the laundry and sleep deprivation were major.
December brought beautiful Christmas.

The present of the year was a kitty named fuzzy. We all love her so. Lydia is now 5 and starting to learn to read. Natalie is 9! We ended the year with a bang...sledding with cousins. It literally resulted in a bang for Kalani. She ended up with her first black eye.

What an amazing year! In the quick highlights we miss Chris' countless hours of work, and Britt's many hours in sleeplessness! It is also difficult to explain the little learning moments and wonderful ways we have been blessed. For me, this was a year of many miracles. It is a miracle we survived the van, tow-truck, TRAX, bus trip home from a camping trip. It is a miracle how I survive some days on SO little sleep. It is a miracle that we made it downfrom Delicate Arch. All of these little daily mriacles remind us of how much our Savior loves us and is mindful of us.

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