Friday, December 30, 2016


1/9 Hannah asks, "Mom is it fast Sunday or slow Sunday? "Slow Sunday" I say without even a hitch. I'm well conversant in how they describe Sundays. Rebecca responds to my offer of pineapple, "I don't like that stuff, it bites my tongue.

1/10 We are having family home evening. There has already been a wrestling violation. We have stopped the song twice (and it's scripture power! which is fun and active). There have been tears because Raymond has a jammed finger and isn't lifting/throwing someone in the air for sunbeam. Since the lesson is "I can do all things throw Christ which strengtheneth me" I feel like we should keep going. I start talking about Elder Nelson's talk the night before. One of the quotes "expect and prepare to do impossible things" -is it bad I thought of the laundry first?-the second idea is that millennials can prepare for the millennial reign of the Savior. Ben looks up and says "I did NOT see THAT coming".

1/25 So at family home evening we are playing scripture story pictionary. I'm drawing a picture of a certain prophet who speaks to the people from on top of a wall. I draw a wall and some bricks on the wall and Lydia guesses "a man who is standing on a volleyball net"-yes. i remember that scripture story well same game with dad drawing this time-the story of Nephi building a boat and Raymond guesses "Nephi building Shilllp." um

3/25 perhaps we are spending enough time with shakespeare...I overhear Ben say "forsooth Batman!"

3/27 we are eating easter dinner and Rachel does NOT want ham. She wants chicken. It's just that she means HAM and she wants everyone to refer to the ham as chicken. As I'm talking her down from the ledge I'm trying to explain that this particular chicken is called...ham.

3/27 we play rummy and I win. It was slightly controversial in that as I was picking up my last card, I could already see it, Raymond says, "buy" I say "too late". He says "If we were playing with relatives THEY would let me have it!" I say "you WERE playing with relatives!" He says "I mean the relatives who aren't family!" um. I laugh and he clarifies...I mean the ones who don't live with us.

3/27 I'm sitting on the couch with my legs up playing Parchesi with Hannah. She is as she says, "good at luck". As we play Becca comes over and starts touching my bare legs. "Mom". "Where's your fur?" um what? I say? "your fur" I look down at where she is looking, clarify by asking if she is talking about he hair on my legs... and say that I shave my legs. "WHAT?" she says! well that's why you're cold all the time! I still have fur...then starts rubbing her legs and saying "soft and furry."

5/13 There are just some leaps my brain can't take. Today Rachel has been playing family with dinosaurs. She has a protoceratops dad and a triceratops mom and baby. I'm fine with them talking and living in a house. It's funny to watch her potty train the baby triceratops...but it's driving me crazy that a rooster is waking them up every morning!

5/15 Natalie says blessing on the food. Abi responds "AHHH I thought you would bless it so it could taste good!"

8/10 We're watching olympics and they announce that beach volleyball is next, Ben says "Oh Good! It's relaxing to watch other people fall down a lot"

8/18 Becca is feeling very twinny as she does every year around their birthday. She'd like to share a room again. She'd like to have more twin time. she'd like to wear matching clothes every once in a while. As she leaves the room Susan says "I think being a twin makes me want MORE time alone. I guess it's because i didn't even get time alone inside you"

8/24 The chickens are affecting our lives. Hannah is trying to describe how she feels and says "I feel like a chicken is pecking the inside of my neck" ahh you have a sore throat

8/25 We are walking through Walmart. I rarely take little people shopping. Hannah 6 is commenting on everything, the socks, the jewelry, then "oh LOOK! they even have something for babies!" We're walking by the bras.

11/19 Hannah is the "mom" and Abi and Rachel are her children...after playing for a while, she comes racing after them and pauses by my side to say "Having two children is exhausting!" Less than 10 minutes later she comes to ask for Lisa because she's just GOT to have another baby! ;) wonder where she gets it from.

12/7 As everyone comes in from wednesday church Lisa is waving and saying "Hello" very cutely. Then Chris walks in and she says "MEEOOW!" amen Lisa

12/16 on the way home from the church christmas daughter says, did you hear me "BAAAHH with adoration? she was a very loud sheep, so now those who were there know...she was adoring the King in her own way. BAAAHHHHH

12/23 On the way to carol a friend. We are practicing Silent Night in the car. Rachel interrupts with "I do NOT want to sleep in heavenly peace! I don't want to sleep at all!" We know Rachel. We know.

12/24 We have a clean up and Rachel asks "Are we cleaning for Jesus?" "Yes" I say. "Is He coming to our house this weekend?" PAUSE "I hope we feel Him near us this weekend" "I wrapped Him a birthday present. Do you think Jesus likes stuffed animals?" Yes Rachel. I think He does.

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