Saturday, September 11, 2010

We finally finished reading the Psalms. We started because we had recently read the Hiding Place, and I was inspired by the comfort Corrie's family found in their Dad's faith and the constant reading of the Psalms. This is what the children remember most:

Lydia :lots of themes and repititon in chapters (perfect for her as a new reader-and rewarding to read the short verses)

Raymond-the poetry and music of it (appropriate since he frequently tried to sing his verses and present them very dramatically-but not necessarily drama or voice related to the words )

Natalie :"And His mercy Endureth forever"-everyone joined in to say this oft repeated phrase and that really was the highlight for me of the celebration-having all of my children praise the Lord for His mercy. That really is what the psalms are about.

Kalani Psalms 119-the Hebrew letters and the Psalm that never ends!

We enjoyed the celebration. We had banana splits (most of the children loved the idea of it but didn't want the banana ) After I scoop the ice cream nicely out and drizzly sugar on the sugar, then put sugar on top :P they stirred it all together! of course-I remember doing the same.

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