Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I'm playing community "volleyball". This is not your best volleyball, it's the kind where the most exercise is abdominal from laughing. The people are all nice though, and I am playing.

As we're playing, Buddy (real name used because it's awesome) hit the ball in a great spot for a point. After which he said "When you're fat, it's all about ball placement!"


Tamster said...

To which I responded later, "I guess I'm in trouble then because I've never been very good at placement!" :-)

That was pretty funny. I wish I'd heard him actually say it. I do think I'd rather do competitive than recreational, but like you said, at least I'm playing. :-) And yea for Domino's who paid for us! Even better! :-)

Michelle said...

So, this isn't in response to the funny post, but I wanted to tell you that I've finally read The Chosen. Some of my friends recommended it to me recently, too, so I finally read it and loved it. Now I want to read the next one.