Saturday, August 30, 2008

top 10

We are frequently asked WHY we moved HERE. That is a bit worrying when the person asking has lived here a bulk of their life! These aren't specifically for our area reasons...We

Top 10 reasons why we may or may not have moved to Texas...

10. We got a letter threatening us with a visit from the CPS and we knew the Texas CPS were already busy.

9. We got tired of always having our view blocked by mountains.

8. We wanted MORE comments about the size of our family and figured we'd need to move out of utah for that.

7. We were bored and had moved the furniture around IN our home in as many variations as possible...

6. Because our house sold to the very FIRST person who walked through.

5. We felt the Kelly family needed a tougher image, so we moved to the "don't mess with us" state.

4. Our skin was cracking in the utah dryness so we decided to try for some August

3. fire ants, bigger spiders, more snakes, larger everything creepy crawly...oh this is supposed to be a reason you say? hmm we're studying biology this year in our homeschool.

2 KITTENS...we wanted a home of our own to bring our kittens to

1. There is that little thing about Chris getting a history teaching and coaching job here...and we do really like being WITH him.

We have read in the scriptures about some of the travels of God's people. My first thought with the Exodus, considering our situation was gratitude that we didn't have 40 years between homes but I'm still looking for milk and honey sources.


Michelle said...

I'm sad that you left Utah, but glad that Chris got a good job! I will miss getting into the big van and having the kids fight over sitting by more or to be in their favorite spots. Of course I'll miss the babies, too! Now where I am to take a boyfriend to "test" his fathering abilities?

gloria said...

We enjoyed both the pictures and the summary of the summer. It's good you can laugh about it all!

Rhyetta said...

Britt, you are too funny! You're so good at keeping it humorous. You are making me laugh!