Saturday, August 30, 2008

The last post doesn't exactly suffice for the last two months! Although this slideshow is long, it doesn't have everything...Don and Cindy had a wonderful visit with many hikes with natalie, kalani went to girls camp for the first time, Raymond had a fabulous time at cub scout day camp, Chris visited Texas and found a job and took MANY pictures of houses for me...Even to our last day in utah with David working hard to pack our truck in a way only my father could duplicate, kathy cleaning mom's house and helping to get us out the door and the Leavitts providing a sanctuary for us...and so very many more people than that... some day we may unpack the camera cable and post the pictures of my parents visit. For now these "few" may suffice.

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MacWizard said...

How can I get copies of the originals of these pictures?