Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring day slide show

We had a great time coloring our eggs and hunting at grandma and grandpa kelly's. We had a wonderful dinner! We found coloring eggs a fulltime job, so we didn't get pictures of that. It is possible we were diverted by the bbasketball games. Next came the hunt. Michelle and chris hid the eggs then we sent them out in age groups. Becca and Susan were very different in their approaches. Becca opted for the traditional approach of grab as many as you can. Susan sauntered through the backyard pointing out the pretty took encouraging for her to pick them up and put them in the basket. All the older children had the idea and Kalani was especially understanding as many of hte eggs she found she gave to Susan. Rest assured there was plenty of candy for everyone!

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Tamster said...

Those were very cute pics. I especially liked the last one--with Abi, Mom, and Michelle! Adorable smile! :-) How fun! I wish we could have been there! :-)
Happy Belated Easter by the way!