Monday, February 4, 2008

Abi's blessing

Abi was blessed yesterday. We were sad that Chris' parents couldn't come, but they had so much snow it was literally impossible. We are SO used to dealing with snow, but there was enough that church was canceled in some places. The blessing was wonderful. Our little Abi was so wiggly she tried to roll right off their hands. I was blissfully unaware of that until I overheard something in the halls.

All in all it was a beautiful day.

Did I want a better picture? OH YES! Did I lose that battle...actually I retreated, figuring I was up against impossible odds. Ben (4) had already taken his pants off and was only in the picture because dad was holding him. Someone had given becca candy at church ..who gives a 2yo candy without talking to the mother? Raymond needed to be wrestled by his dad (and fed). Kalani would have sat there all day holding Abi, but the baby needed yep I retreated!


Tamster said...

Congratulations! So sweet! I sure wish we could have been there. That's too bad about the snow. I guess it must have been pretty bad if they canceled mom and dad's church even; that doesn't happen everyday!
Abi looks beautiful! And the pleased papa and mama don't look half bad either! :-)

sharebear said...

That is a darling dress. You are super mom. You amaze me.
Family pictures are always so much fun!!! I would have retreated, too. Better luck next time.

Kelly Family said...

Sharebear, you'll realize how amazing you are, once you are more awake! At your stage I was just focused on feeding everyone and keeping my eyelids propped open to keep everyone alive!

Tamster said...

Hey, Britt! Check out our blog; you've won an award! :-)