Sunday, December 28, 2008

funnies for 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! This has been a big year for us. Chris' dad died in June and we sold our house and moved to Texas so Chris could teach and coach. The only way we could enjoy such a year is to keep our Kelly sense of humor. Please enjoy some of the Kelly pictures, funnies, quotes, and "deep" thoughts from 2008.

1-07 Ben, after praying that he could be a daddy when he grows up, asked in a voice of extreme suffering: "Why is it taking SO long for me to be a dad?!"

1-10 Lydia comes up with yet another nickname for Abigail. We have already done Abi, Abigalillian, Abijillian, and now she goes for simple with Aba...only I hear ABBA.

1-13 Ben asks if Christmas is for daddy..upon further questioning he says, "Yeah, Christmas celebrates Chris!"

1-21 Ben decides that Dad is the "meanest guy in the world." This is decided based on Dad finishing the rest of the black beans. Dad challenges him to think of anyone meaner than him...Lydia comes up with giants and Ben comes up with robots. For your information, according to Lydia giants mainly hide (the little ones behind trees and the adults sit behind mountains), which is why you may not have seen them.

1-22 Kalani joins in on a discussion about the numbers of vowels in our names. "I have two vowels in my name," she says. Lost in illogical "I have failed as a homeschool mom" land, I say "WHAT? You have three!" We go back and forth a few times before I remember to ask "What do you mean?" I only have 'a' and 'i' in my name -- two different vowels." AHHHH, communication at it's best.

2-02 Ben and I are holding little Abi. He looks at all of our fingers and comments on how fingers grow; then he says, "When my ring grows (CTR ring from primary) it will be a watch!"

2-03 Abi is blessed. Over a foot of snow keeps some relatives from getting out of their driveways. A few more may have helped since Abi almost rolls right off the hands of the men holding her.

2-04 Abi wakes up early with a stuffy nose. While Mom is using that baby voice - you swear you'll never use before you have children - and calling her a darling little snuffalufagus, she smiles! Raymond also enjoyed the smile which led to a long string of smiles and coos and snuffaluffaguses and giggles (all from Mom and Raymond, for Abi was smiled out.)

1-23 Kalani interrupts my book reading with the comment, "Natalie and Raymond look colored." My brain goes into panic mode wondering where she could have heard that word, what she could possibly mean and wondering what associations she has with that word...but I learned from the vowels so I ask, "What do you mean?" "Dad's laptop is sideways and they look blue, black, and yellowish, you know like someone colored them." How long can I preserve that definition of colored and avoid the antiquated one?

1-25 We put the children to bed. Lydia goes upstairs for the umpteenth time to do whatever she can to procrastinate bedtime. She comes back downstairs with Becca. "She was stuck in her crib," says Lydia. Ummm, we put her to's bedtime..AGGHH. She had gotten both girls out of bed. Susan went right back to sleep.... on the kitchen floor?! Rebecca had come downstairs hoping to stay up with us. How very sweet of Lydia to save her sister from the horrible fate of sleep.

1-26 On our way to a great "toga party," I realize that we will be playing Twister so I review right and left with Lydia and Ben. Both of them are right handed so I tell them that their right hand is the one they write with. Ben promptly raises his left hand, "And this is the one I hit with!"

1-27 Ben stops abruptly during his prayer to ask, "Where is God?" After a brief discussion of God and how we can go to Him as our Father in Heaven and how He listens to prayers, Ben says, "I really want to be a dad!" (President Hinckley died today and my mom went into the hospial with a heart attack.)

2-08 Ben says out of the blue, "I wish I had Jesus in my pocket then we could pray together!"

3-07 As we are driving to choir Natalie notices the Spanish Fork sign that reads, "Pride and Progress". Having just read some Jane Austin, she comments: "That should read Pride and Prejudice"...hmmm.

3-11 Raymond says out of the blue..."I think baptism is like this life. Before we go in the water it's like before we are born, then we are alive, and then when we are out of the water it is like after we die."

3-12 Ben says, "Mommy we need to get another baby in your tummy, we need some more boys around here!"

3-14 Kalani asks "What's the melillian?" Natalie says, "Do you mean the millennium?" "Yeah, that."

3-15 Abi giggles for the first time! I LOVE baby giggles.

4-3 I'm reading the DK Star Wars book. On one page is General Grievous, then on the next page is him with his shoulders disjointed so he has the four arm thing going. I say his name on the first page, then turn the page and Ben interrupts saying, "General Conference!"

4-18 Ben climbs up on my lap, snuggles in and says, "I want to play gentle 'I love me' games!"

5-24 Abi is 5 months old, can now roll in both directions, gets up on all fours, and does a baby downward facing dog.

6-03 Becca is saying the morning family prayer and in light of her daddy's job hunt says, "bless daddy to get a new bob." Daddy promptly emails his brother, Bob, to release him fom his duties, so Chris is now searching for a new Bob.

6-08 Ben came home from church today declaring he is the Bishop. What does he do as Bishop? "Opens doors and gives out candy! What else?"

6-15 Kalani can't decide whether to ask Mom or Dad, so it came out, "Dam." Then NONE of the children know that is a swear word and don't get why Dad, Mom and Michelle Kelly are laughing.

6/27 Chris' dad, Robert Coffin Kelly died. We will miss him terribly but are so grateful for his life and now his freedom from pain and health struggles here.

7/12 Ben says to his cousin Michelle Kelly, "you can't go to BYU - you are a girl!" After further questioning we discover that "going to BYU" really means playing football or men's basketball in Ben's world.

7/21 Britt makes a fatal mistake mentioning that none of her chilren have broken any bones yet...the next day Ben jumps form one couch to another and slips off onto the unfinished basement floor at Grandma's house. (I saw it and honestly it looked like one of those injuries you see on tv when you KNOW it's not good). Ben had a greenstick and buckle fracture on his elbow.

Chris decides to go back to teaching and coaching and gets a job in Pampa, Texas. It is inconceivable to leave our friends and Grandma Kelly, yet off we go.

8/21 We are driving to Pampa, TX. We cross over the Colorado-New Mexico border and I welcome the children to New Mexico, to which Ben (4) replies -"This isn't NEW Mexico - there's nothing new here. There's NOTHING here. This is Old Mexico (insert heavy pout)." We discover that New Mexico isn't good for playing I spy (I spy something green-a tree) and difficult for the alphabet game as well - there do have to be signs to play!

8/24 Becca informs us that we are NOT in Texas. We ask her where Texas is..."Outside," she replies.

8/26 Ben gets his cast off. X-rays - no problem. Big saw and loud vacuum right next to his skin - no problem. Offer to wash up his arm? "NO!" he says jerking his arm away with its newly revealed dirt collection.

8/28 Ryan Kelly opens his mission call to "feet" Lauderdale, FL.

8/28 Chris, upon discovering that the TV remote is still packed: "How can I be a coach without a remote?"

9/22 Raymond randomly walks in the family room and asks Natalie,"Do you think you could eat a piece of chicken the size of Star (our chubby kitten)?" "YUM," says Natalie." The chicken - not Star," says Raymond.

10/08 Benjamin says he hopes no one in our family will go to the USA. I ask him why and he says, "Well maybe Moms and Dads can go." I probe more and discover he's worried about his brothers and sisters and there is water and surfing in the USA (guess what Beach Boys song I was doing dishes to this morning?) I think it's time I hang up the maps again.

Matthew Kelly receives his mission call to Ontario, Canada.

Jacob Kelly is finally, officially adopted and sealed to the Kelly family.

Kevin Kelly receives his mission call to Atlanta, Georgia.

12/14 Susan continues to deny the existence of her chicken pox...only once during all her time covered with pox did she admit it....and then it was "cheekn pox"-apparently she got the tex mex version of the disease.

12/28 Raymond leads the chicken pox army fighting the Huns. In a unique combination of Star Wars and Chinese he claims the role of Qui-Gon Chin.


Tamster said...

Those were cute, funny, adorable, touching, random, sweet, hilarious, fun...

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

I liked the one about the right and left hand -- good to know that the left hand is for hitting. Should I ever have a chance to meet your family (unlikely, but you never know...) I'll be sure to keep a keen eye on that left hook of his :)

Our Family said...

So you moved to Texas?! Wow! I guess we need to keep in better touch! I love all the cute sayings!

Grace Rex said...

Hey Kelly's
Through stealthy searching I found your blog. I'm sorry that I missed your move. by the time we came back from family vacations and had the kids settled in school I found out you had disappeared. Texas is lucky to have you. I like Texas...even with fireants:)


April said...

As I was reading this late at night, I started with a smile and then a chuckle, but by the end I was laughing outloud. thanks for sharing these!